Welcome to the Little Koo blog!

Hi, I’m Rachel. I’m married to the lovely Tom and about 3 months ago we moved from the UK (where we have lived all our lives) to Hong Kong. This is definitely the most adventurous thing I have ever done!

I’m writing this blog for a few reasons. One is that I’d like to share aspects of our lives in Hong Kong with friends and family back home and anyone else that is interested. We’ve had so many fun experiences here so far, and hopefully there will be many more to come. Also, I love reading blogs about crafting, and jewellery making in particular, so I want to share a little of my own craftiness with you all too.

In case you don’t know me, here are a few of my favourite things to do (in no particular order):

  • Reading (perhaps I will share my favourite books with you at some point)
  • Exploring and travelling, both in Hong Kong and anywhere else that we can afford to go!
  • Cooking and hosting – well, perhaps Tom likes the cooking bit more, but we love to have friends round to dinner and spend an evening eating and chatting away
  • I prefer baking cakes to cooking dinners, but unfortunately the flats in Hong Kong usually don’t have an oven (ours doesn’t) so the baking will have to wait for now
  • Tom and I both love trying different kinds of wine and hosted a couple of wine tasting evenings when we lived in the UK, but we’re no experts!
  • I enjoy making things – many friends and family members have been in receipt of handmade birthday cards and presents over the years
  • I love watching Strictly Come Dancing (the UK equivalent of Dancing with the Stars) but it isn’t broadcast in Hong Kong. Luckily youtube is my friend :)

Anyway, welcome to the blog! I hope you enjoy it!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Little Koo blog!

  1. Watching Strictly on Youtube is probably better in any case – you can focus on the dancing and ignore the terrible ‘comedy’ training videos ;)

    • Yes, that’s true! Although you do also miss the judges comments and scores, which are usually very entertaining. I have to go to the Strictly website afterwards to look at the leaderboard!

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