The best view in Hong Kong

We recently had a friend from the UK visit us for just a few days so we spent a while before she arrived trying to plan her visit so we could cram in lots of great things about Hong Kong. When I asked Tom what the one thing that no-one should leave Hong Kong without doing was, he said “take the Peak Tram and see the view from the Peak”. And, to be fair, I agree with him.

At the top of the Peak Tram is a viewing tower which you can go up onto the roof of to see the view. This costs about HK$35 (if my memory serves me correctly), and on the night we tried it, was packed with tourists. However, now we know better. And should you ever go to the Peak, please don’t go to the tower! Instead, walk past the shopping malls to the road and turn right down the road. About 30 seconds later, you will reach a junction where the main road turns left. In front of you is a much smaller road called Lugard Road. Walk down that instead.

Lugard Road is a semi-pedestrianised road which encircles Victoria Peak. It’s very flat, and if you follow it the whole way round, you get great views of both the harbour and the back of the island. It takes about an hour to walk the whole thing back to where you started and you can’t really get lost (at one point about 2/3 of the way round there is a junction, but just keep going straight). Alternatively, just do the first 15 minutes and you will be rewarded with fabulous views such as these:

Hong Kong view from Lugard Road Hong Kong view from Lugard Road View from Lugard Road at night

So what do you think? Do you agree or do you know of a better view?!

Thanks for reading!


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