Handmade cards – patterned letters

I’ve made many cards for my friends and family over the years which means I keep having to come up with new designs! I like a fairly simple aesthetic and don’t tend to stick many things onto the card. I came up with this design for my Mum’s birthday last year and I’ve used it a few times since as I think it’s quite an effective design.

Handmade card patterned letter

What you need:

  • Card blank – mine is a square white card, 135mm x 135mm, but feel free to use whatever you want
  • Coloured pen (I used a gold ballpoint pen)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Rubber
  • Light box (or you can use a window)
  • Pattern – either a printed one, or your own (I’ll talk more about this in a bit)

1. Take your card blank and draw on the shape that you wish to have the pattern inside. I used an initial (A) for this card, but I’ve also used numbers and short words (such as “Mum”). If you choose a shape, make it a fairly simple one with large features.

I made the letter 85mm tall, so that it filled most of the front of the card but not all. I drew the letter by hand but if you would rather you could print a large letter onto a piece of paper (using Word, for example) and trace it onto the card.

Letter outline

2. Draw over the outline of the letter in your chosen pen colour (in my case, I used gold)

Outline the letter in pen

3. Draw your pattern on a piece of paper or print the pattern design that you want. I chose a henna-inspired design that I drew myself. I just drew some circles on the paper and filled them in with patterns (as you can see below, I kept changing my mind!). Make sure that the pattern is at least as large as your letter.

Henna inspired pattern

4. Now use your light box and place the pattern under the card. Trace the pattern onto the card using your coloured pen, but be careful to only draw the pattern where it lies inside the letter! If you do not have a light box, you could put the paper and card on a window and trace it that way. It’s a bit uncomfortable (your arm goes numb after a while) but it still works.

Tracing using a light box

And here is the traced pattern:

Patterned letter

5. To finish, rub out any pencil lines that can be seen. I also wrote “happy birthday” on the side of the letter.

Patterned letter handmade card

That’s all there is to it! Simple but effective, I think. If you have a go at making a card like this, please send me a photo – either by email or in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!


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