Handmade Hong Kong Discovery Bay Arts & Craft Fair

After limited success at the Handmade Hong Kong Christmas Bazaar, I’ve decided to try my hand at another craft fair, this time at Handmade Hong Kong’s regular event in Discovery Bay. I’ve been working on a few new designs for the craft fair too! They will go up on the Little Koo Etsy shop in the next few weeks.

The craft fair is this Sunday, 7th April, from 10am to 5pm on Discovery Bay Plaza by the ferry terminal. If you live in the Hong Kong area, why not pop down and say hello?! My stall will be one of the ones right next to the ferry terminal.

Handmade Hong Kong e-flyer 2013

There will be loads of vendors selling all types of arts and crafts there – a great place to buy unusual birthday presents! If you want more information, please visit the Handmade Hong Kong facebook page.

Update: The Handmade Hong Kong website is now up and running too! Check it out :)

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Handmade Hong Kong Discovery Bay Arts & Craft Fair

    • Thanks! No, not a lot of sales for me on Etsy at the moment either, but I blame that on the fact that I’ve been too busy to do any marketing! Hopefully I’ll be able to put a bit more effort in after the craft fair!

  1. Hey! Congrats on setting up Little Koo! I used to sell via bazaars too, so I know how exciting it can be :) I’ve just set up my own accessories blog (diy-accessories.blogspot.com) where I showcase jewellery projects. I’m looking for some bead soup partners, so was wondering if you are interested? Basically we send each other packets of beads, keeping 1 identical set for ourselves, then we show what different things we’ve made from the same set! I love how the same beads can be shaped into so many different things, so I thought this would be a fun project to try :) Drop me a line on my blog if you’re interested :) I’m based in Asia too, so shipping fees shouldn’t be TOO exorbitant :P

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