I’m back… with some news

Hi there blog readers, thanks so much for sticking around whilst I’ve been away.

Tom and I had a wonderful time back in the UK, visiting friends and family. We managed to fit in quite a lot of people but not everyone so apologies if we didn’t see you. Being a typical Brit, I have to mention the weather – which was not good! It was really cold in the UK for May, which was a bit of a shame because normally May is a pretty nice month (sometimes nicer than August!). This was quite a contrast to our return to Hong Kong, where the temperature has soared while we were away and is now around 30°C and very humid. I had forgotten how sticky it is here!

Anyway, a couple of highlights from our trip included the wedding that was the main reason for our trip – it was really beautiful day, set in a series of walled gardens. The bride looked absolutely gorgeous, they had a lovely ceremony and a great band for the evening (I’d highly recommend Thrill Collins if you’re looking for a band for an event – they are not a Phil Collins tribute band by the way!).

walled gardens

the happy couple

Another wonderful thing that I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to do was that a friend invited me to go flying with him – I loved it! The plane was tiny but it was a surprisingly smooth experience. We were up for an hour and went over Oxford and the Silverstone racetrack. Really good fun, and a very unique experience.

our little plane

view over Oxford

view over Silverstone

Ok, so here is my news – I’m pregnant with twins! Tom and I are very excited (and a little daunted!). My bump is growing rapidly at the moment – it seemed like it doubled in size while we were away! I’m at 18 weeks at the moment and the babies are due in October. So far we know that they are non-identical twins but we don’t know the genders yet, hopefully we’ll find that out next month (can’t wait!). Any advice from anyone with twins would be much appreciated!


Thanks for reading!



7 thoughts on “I’m back… with some news

  1. Great news – congratulations! Hope the pregnancy goes smoothly. In which hospital will you be having the babies?

  2. It looks like you had a great trip! And congrats on your upcoming family additions! How exciting! Keep us posted on news, genders and pictures. Just recently I had a friend post pics of her bump every week and she gathered over 30 pictures and made this sort of collage! It was really cute and every week she held the same sideways pose but of course the bump was getting bigger. And there was a chalkboard where she would write the week and a mesage about how she felt or something….I wish you all the best!

    • Thanks! Wow, I don’t think people will really want to see weekly bump photos?! Might put one up every now and again though :) The collage sounds nice though, I might try and start taking regular photos – my bump already seems so much bigger than when that photo was taken last week!

  3. That flying looks like an amazing experience! Congratulations on your pregnancy, wishing you all the luck and love in the world. XXxx Gemma Black

    • Thanks Gemma! My friend Paul is building up his flying experience so he can take his commercial pilot’s licence, so he’s always looking for passengers (he’s a very good pilot). Let me know if you’d like him to take you up too!

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