A clear day in Hong Kong

There is a bar called Ozone on the top (118th) floor of the ICC (International Commerce Centre), which is the tallest building in Hong Kong – and the 6th tallest building in the world (ref). Tom and I have been to this bar a couple of times in the past but I have always disliked it – it is very pretentious, and the poor air quality in Hong Kong means that you can never see that far through the haze (and often it is swathed in cloud so you cannot see anything at all!). In fact, for a bar with a view, I’d much rather go to Aqua Spirit as I mentioned here.

However, in the last few weeks, Hong Kong has enjoyed a rare spell of clear air where the views can be seen for a long way, so we thought we’d give the bar another go and see if it is actually worth braving the pretentiousness!

N.B. The ICC also has a viewing deck on the 100th floor, however the cost of visiting this is about the same cost as a cocktail in the bar so we’ve always gone to the bar and relaxed with a drink instead :)

Anyway, finally the Ozone bar has come into its own – the views were truly fantastic. And the cocktails weren’t bad either.

This photo is looking East along Victoria Harbour. Hong Kong island is on the right of the picture and the Kowloon peninsular is on the left and foreground.

Tsim Sha Tsui

Looking at Hong Kong island, this is Causeway Bay and Wan Chai…

Wan Chai and Causeway Bay

…Admiralty and Central…

Central and Admiralty, Hong Kong

…and Central and Sheung Wan. The things you can see sticking out at the bottom of the picture are the ferry piers at Central.

Central Hong Kong

Going further West on Hong Kong island, here you can see Kennedy Town and some of the islands in the background.

Kennedy Town and Islands

Looking at the Kowloon peninsular, here you can see Hung Hom in the foreground and the old Kai Tak airport runway sticking out into the water in the background.

Hung Hom and Kai Tak

And this is looking more inland across the Kowloon peninsular. I think the really built-up area on the left is Mong Kok. I was surprised to see a fair amount of green areas in between the skyscrapers (mainly towards the right of the picture).

Jordan and Mong Kok

I couldn’t finish without a close-up of the Star ferry piers and the giant inflatable duck (the yellow thing) that has caused much interest in Hong Kong!

Star ferry and inflatable duck

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “A clear day in Hong Kong

  1. Wow – you were really lucky with the view. Today would have been a miserable day… I got soaking wet hiking in Sai Kung and hated almost every minute of it! Ruth :)

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