Bead soup (part 1) – with DIY Accessories

Recently I was contacted by Zhen of the DIY Accessories blog who was interested in doing a bead soup. I’ve never done one before so I said yes and off we went!

The plan was to each put together 2 identical packets of beads – one you keep and one you send to the other person. After a set amount of time you each post what you have made and compare what each person has done with the same beads.

We’re starting with my packet of beads. I haven’t seen what Zhen has done with them yet but I can’t wait! This is what I sent (minus a few of the small pinky-orange beads as I realised I didn’t have enough to make 2 packets like this!):

Bead soup beads

As you can tell, I really like the combination of green and coral at the moment! I really made this into quite a challenge for myself as I’ve had the large snowflake obsidian (black and white), green and coral-coloured beads for a while but don’t know what to do with them! Most of my jewellery is a little more dainty.

I decided to start with the snowflake obsidian and use it as a focal point for a pendant. I very much like clusters of beads so I made a large wire ring and wound round the smaller beads to make a clustered hoop. I then hung one snowflake obsidian in the middle and put the pendant on a long chain. This is what it looked like:

Snowflake obsidian pendant

bead soup pendant

And hung over my pregnant bump:

large cluster bead pendant

As you can see, I added in some small pearls as I didn’t have enough small beads in the packet to fill the whole hoop (I hope that wasn’t against the rules!). I was quite pleased with the result – it’s not the sort of thing I would normally wear but I love the colour combination :)

I still had the large green and coral coloured beads left over so I decided to try my hand at a bit of wire work (something I’d love to get better at) and made this bracelet:

Green and coral wire bracelet

wirework bracelet

wire wrapped bracelet

green and coral wire wrapped bracelet

I used 20ga wire for the large shapes and 24ga wire to attach the beads. It was quite hard to get it all looking neat! As you can see, the shapes aren’t very even so there’s definitely a lot to work on there but I was quite happy with it as a first attempt at something like this.

I’ll keep you updated on when Zhen posts what she has made with the beads!

If anyone else would like to do a bead soup with me, I’d love to take part. Please just get in touch, either by commenting below or email me at

Thanks for reading!


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