Hand decorated jam jar luminaries

This is another project that was inspired by an Etsy shop (like my froebel star mobile) – this time the shop is LITdecor, which has a wide range of beautiful Moroccan style decorated jars and other glassware, such as these:

LITdecor Moroccan mason jars

I thought ‘how hard can it be?!’ and saved up some pasta sauce jars to use for this project. I found it hard to find 3D glass paint in Hong Kong, but I eventually stumbled upon these pens and I thought they might do! (they claim that the paint puffs up when you heat it with a hairdryer but when I tried them on paper they didn’t do anything! Luckily I quite like the texture of the paint as it is)

Amos Puffy Paint Pens

Unfortunately, when I came to try out the pens (which are more like small tubes), I found it very difficult to draw lines and patterns with them – the paint just comes out far too unevenly. So I had to abandon my dreams of beautiful henna style patterns and go for something much more simple using spots and dots! I am still quite pleased with how they came out but they are nowhere near as impressive as those on LITdecor.

Hand decorated jars

Hand decorated luminaries

Hand painted mason jars

I like the reflections on the table at night :)

Hand painted candle jars

I don’t think I need to add a tutorial here, I literally just drew on the jars with the pens and added some ribbon round the top (stuck on with double-sided sticky tape). I kept the tea lights in place inside with blu tak. I found it easiest to draw on the jars when they were upside-down as it allows easier access to the bottom end of the jars, although it can still be quite tricky for more complex designs (I tried something and abandoned it because it looked really messy and uneven!). I really don’t know how she manages to draw those Moroccan patterns – she must have a very steady hand!

Hand painted tea light holders

Let me know if you attempt something similar, I’d love to see how they turn out!

Thanks for reading!


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