Buying craft supplies in Hong Kong

*******This post was updated on 18/04/2016**********

As I have mentioned on more than one occasion, shopping in Hong Kong can be a very frustrating experience, especially if you are new here and want to buy something very specific! There are very few big chain stores so it can be hard to know where to go. I have found that the same is true for buying craft supplies. In the UK, you can pretty much rely on Hobbycraft for most things, but I knew of a few other chains where I might be able to find crafty things so I could generally find what I want (plus internet shopping is great in the UK compared to here, although I do now have a post on online shopping in Hong Kong). However, in Hong Kong it is a different story.

I’ve been in Hong Kong for a while now and over time I have had some success in finding craft supplies so I thought I’d share with you the ones that I have found in the hope that it helps you too!

Sham Shui Po

This is well known in Hong Kong as being a great area to get craft supplies such as beads and fabric. Leave the Sham Shui Po MTR station by exit C2 and walk straight ahead one block (through the market) to the next street, which is Yu Chau Street. This street has lots of bead shops in particular, mostly clustered one block either side of where you are now. I find that a lot of the jewellery supplies aren’t that great quality, so I buy some of my supplies for the shop from here but not many. But for someone who just wants to make jewellery for fun it’s bead heaven!

Here are some of the shops that I like to buy jewellery supplies from:

  • A&A Accessory Co (211 Yu Chau Street) – sequins and seed beads
  • Lap Sun Gem Company (192 Yu Chau Street) – semi-precious gemstone beads
  • Mee Ngai Wah (289-291 Yu Chau Street) – sterling silver findings and wire
  • Star River (283 Yu Chau Street) – wide range of metal chains, findings, spacer beads and seed beads
  • Universe Accessories Ltd (Shop C, 213-217 Yu Chau Street) – large selection of bead caps, spacer beads and (probably fake but still pretty) Swarovski crystals

This street is also great for buttons and ribbon, and some other haberdashery, and this continues onto the next parallel street further away (Ki Lung Street). There’s one little shop on Ki Lung Street where I’ve been a few times for sewing supplies such as fusible interfacing, elastic and felt. There are also several shops in this area selling leather and lace.

I found that Sham Shui Po isn’t quite the fabric heaven that I was led to believe. If you continue south-east on Yu Chau Street or Ki Lung Street and cross over the large road (Nam Cheong Street) there are loads and loads of fabric shops but they are all full of small swatches of fabric and most only sell wholesale to businesses. There are a very small number of fabric shops in this area which have bolts of fabric (you have to seek them out), and also a row of market stalls along Ki Lung Street which sell fabric from bolts.

However, all is not lost. If you head back north-east to the intersection of Yen Chow Street and Lai Chi Kok Road, you come to the Yen Chow Street hawker bazaar, which is crammed full of fabric stalls! I’ve been twice now and many of the stall owners weren’t around but they have a phone number on their stall which you can call if you want to buy some fabric. I was a bit apprehensive about this, but I had found some fabric I wanted to buy so I rang the number and asked if the guy spoke English. He did have a little English and after about 30 seconds he came round the corner! So I don’t know if all the stallholders are hanging about nearby or if I just got lucky, but it’s always worth a try :)

Yen Chow Street Hawker Bazaar

Western Market

The top floor of the Western Market in Sheung Wan also houses a number of fabric sellers, which may be more convenient if you are on Hong Kong island. It’s in a beautiful building, so worth taking a look just for that! It can be found at 323 Des Voeux Road Central (but you can’t really miss it).

Tailor and Alteration Needlework Club

This little gem is well hidden away in Causeway Bay (and there is another one in Kwun Tong but I haven’t visited that one) but is worth seeking out for all things sewing, knitting and crochet related! It’s a pretty small shop but crammed with fabric, wool and associated tools and accessories (plus loads of Japanese magazines). Well worth a look if you fancy a rummage. The lady who runs it is very friendly and helped me find the things I want and explained what was what because a lot of the tools and accessories had Japanese packaging. Tailor & Alteration is on the 14th floor of the Kin Tak Fung Commercial Building, 467-473 Hennessey Road, Causeway Bay, and can also be found at Room C 12/F, Block 1, Yip Fat Factory Building, 77 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon.

Cheung Nam Stationery

Also known as CN Square, apparently this place is the largest stationery store in Hong Kong. It’s certainly impressive, spread over four floors with a different theme on each (office supplies, craft supplies, art supplies etc) and a huge range of products. This should probably be your first port of call if you’re trying to find something specific craft related. Head to 503 Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei to check it out!


Artland is an art supplies shop in Wanchai which also has a fairly large range of craft supplies as well. It’s definitely one of the places I go to if I’m looking for something craft-related. I think the prices are a little inflated because there are so few stores like this in Hong Kong but it’s not too bad. Artland is on the 3rd floor of the Lockhart Centre, 301-307 Lockhart Road, Wanchai.

The Art Shop

The Art Shop has a great selection of art supplies, and some crafty materials too. It’s hidden up a flight of stairs so I just happened to come across it by chance one day. I didn’t compare the prices to Artland, but it makes a great alternative I think. You can find it at Upper 1/F, 36-40 Johnston Road, Wanchai.

Stationery shops

I love all the little independent stationery shops in Hong Kong – they’re everywhere and they all have a great range of stationery supplies, and most have some craft supplies too. It’s a bit hit and miss in terms of what a given shop will have but it’s worth looking round a few if you’re looking for something in particular. I won’t give the addresses of any here as there are just too many! You normally don’t have to go looking too far before you find one :)

Craft Supplies Store

I only stumbled upon this stop yesterday by accident but the name suggests it might be perfect for craft supplies! Craft Supplies Store isn’t that big and in my opinion has a slightly eclectic range of supplies but definitely worth a browse. I visited the one in Wanchai but apparently there’s one in Mongkok too. Here are the addresses: G/F, 173 Sai Yee Street, Mongkok, Kowloon & G/F, Sun Hey Mansion, 68-76 Hennessey Road, Wanchai.

Student Exercise & Education Co., Ltd.

This place is a bit out of the way but it has a fairly wide range of craft supplies (stamping, needle felting, clay etc), and it seems to be all Japanese goods. If you go to Anhui Street, just off Ma Tau Wai Road, you can’t miss it – the street is very short and there’s a massive sign saying ‘Art and Craft’ in English! (but the name of the shop is in Chinese) The official address is: Shop No.6, G/F Kar Shun Bldg, 238 Mau Tau Wai Road, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon.

Popular Books

Popular Books has many outlets around Hong Kong. The one near me has a pretty good range of basic craft supplies and stationery so it’s the most convenient place for me to pick up some supplies. The list of stores can be found here.

Living Plaza by Aeon

I recently stumbled upon Living Plaza, and I was in heaven! Basically it’s Hong Kong’s version of Poundland – pretty much everything in there is HK$12. They have some art and craft supplies in there, so if you want something cheap it’s a great place to have a nose around. Again, there are loads of them so take a look at this list to find your nearest one.

Cheer Wool

I saw this shop from the bus a while ago and again only went in for the first time yesterday but this wool shop has a very wide selection of types and brands of yarn and some other craft supplies too such as needle felting kits and embroidery supplies. I think it would fulfil most knitting-related or crochet-related needs! I bought some wool for another nursery project, but you’ll have to wait and see what it is! Cheer Wool can be found at G/F, Shanghai Industrial Investment Building, 48-62 Hennessy Road, Wanchai.

Here are some other places that I’ve heard of but not tried out yet. I really want to check them out though!

Artsman – Flat A, 2/F, Kiu Hong Mansion, 3 Tin Lok Lane, Wanchai

Kwong Yick Art & Design Materials Ltd – 169 Sai Yee St, Mong Kok

HK Art Supplies Professional – 77 Bute St, Mong Kok

International Art Supplies – Room 14, 17/F., Chai Wan Industrial City, Phase 1, No.60 Wing Tai Road, Chai Wan & Shop No. 6, UG/F., Wing On Plaza, 62 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East

Age Fine Arts & Co, 97 Kwong Fuk Road, Tai Po

Double Knit Yarn – 1/F, 179 Fa Yuen Street, Mongkok

Fliegen Scrapbook & Craft Store – Room B, 5/F, Savoy Mansion, 49 Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Paper Art – 1/F, Hung Tak Building, 106-108 Des Voeux Road, Central

Tree Children’s Lodge – range of felting, art and craft supplies. 2/F 10 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay.

The Crafties – co-working craft space which hosts a range of workshops and also has supplies for sale. 1/F Sing Kui Commercial Building, No. 27 Des Voeux Road West, Sheung Wan

For online only paper supplies, take a look at Mei Li Paperie and Paper Crafts. If you’re interested in paper stamping, take a look at Bymamalaterre – she’s so talented! (and you can buy her stamp creations and make beautiful things yourself!) Also, check out Knit Cat Cafe for yarn and knitting supplies.

Apparently, the HK Knitting & Crochet Facebook group has a great list of yarn stores, but you need to be a member of the group to see it.

Another Facebook group that I would highly recommend is Hong Kong craft lovers. A great group of people to ask for help from if you still don’t know where to buy what you want!

So that’s about it for the places that I know to buy craft supplies in Hong Kong. Do you know of anywhere else? Please leave a comment below and let me know! I love to find new places :)

Thanks for reading!


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82 thoughts on “Buying craft supplies in Hong Kong

  1. You can fid a list of Arts supply shops by following this link – additions are welcome! I am attempting to compile a list of sewing/fabric related shops at the moment so feel free to contribute.

    • Hi Christine, sorry I can’t say that I have seen anything like that but I don’t knit so I haven’t been looking. I would guess that Cheer Wool might be your best bet from the craft shops that I’ve come across as it had a range of goods in addition to wool.

  2. Hi there

    I am looking for a shop that sells large variety of paper/cardstock.. It will be perfect if they sell them in large quantity.. Do you have any store in mind that you would like to recommend?


  3. Hi! I’m wondering – do you know of any good leather skin places? I need to buy some bold coloured skins to make into things and can’t find anywhere listed online in Hong Kong… Any help would be amazing!!

      • There are a couple of good leather skin places on Ki Lung Street in Sham Shui Po (corner of Shep Kip Mei st. if recall), but for general leather crafting Aurora Leatherware Co. is simply amazing. They have pretty much every kind of leather supply available They are moving soon around mid-june 2014 to Sham Shui Po, to 197 Tai Nan Street. the next street from Ki Lung. Check out their Facebook page, under the name Aurora Leatherware.

  4. Thanks for this info- I am from the USA- coming to HK for a short trip and would love to see papercrafting/rubber stamping stores. I visited my daughter last year- in Shenzhen and found Washi for about $1.50 US a large sheet….what do you suggest I look for in Hong Kong? I do alot of crafts- mostly interested in Markers/washi/rubber stamps/emphera to add to cards…..
    Thanks again

    • I’m really sorry but I can’t really help, I’ve not found anything like that at a reasonable price! If anyone else reading this does know of anywhere please can you comment below!

  5. Hi. I just happened to find your blog through searching for craft shopping in HK. I will be visiting in April – kind of annoyed I didn’t find out about Handmade Hong Kong sooner (I would have booked my flight around that!) Thanks for doing this post, will definitely check out some of the places mentioned.

  6. Hi,
    I’ve been looking for box quantities (1440) of safety pins. Namely sizes in 23, 26 and 32mm. Anyone know where to get in HK?

  7. Hi – does anyone know a good place to get felt? I need about 5 yards in couple of different colours. It’s to make kid’s costumes. I really don’t know if I can find small amounts like this is Sham Sui Po. Western Market? I could only find small pieces in the The Lanes in Central. Any ideas ladies? I’m new to sewing & would appreciate help!Thanks in advance.

    • Sorry, I don’t know of anywhere for definite. I’ve only seen small pieces myself. I think Artland or Tailor & Alteration Needlework Club might be your best bets.

  8. Hello! I’m so glad I found tour blog! I’ll be in HK for a weekend in April and may have only 1 day to shop (Friday). I’m probably going to visit Cher Wool but I’d also like to know if you remember if the Craft Supplies Store on Hennessy Road you visited had safety eyes? I went to their site but their Product Catalogue is inaccessible. It’s also in Chinese so I have no way of knowing if they’re open on Saturdays too? Thanks in advance!

      • I guess I’ll check it out anyway. Thanks for letting me know it’s open on Saturdays as well. That gives me more time :-)

    • Sorry for not replying sooner. I’m afraid I’ve never looked into where you can buy cross stitch materials. I would suggest Tailor and Alteration would be your best bet, although I did recall seeing some different sewing kits in Cheer Wool so they MIGHT have some stuff there.

      • Cross stitch materials are available at Pei Ho street at Shamshuipo at Heng Fu accessories 96 Pei Ho street and close by You Chau Street perpendicular to Pei Ho Street Kiwi Fashion accessories and many shops

    • I think you will struggle to find the supplies in wanchai. Your best bet is to go to sham shui po and explore the bead shops there, if you are in a rush. If you have time, I’d recommend you buy the supplies online and have them imported, it’s just easier.

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  11. Hi Rachel, thanks for all the info. I am interested in buying wholesale jewellery making/ bead supplies. But I am not sure if Hong Kong or GUanghazou in CHina is the place to go. Please advice if you know. Thanks.

    • Hi Danica, I’m afraid I’ve not tried to buy any nibs here. I would suggest that Artland might be your best bet, but you could also try a few little stationary shops, you never know what you will find in those places!

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  13. Hi I just saw your tour blog! I appreciate the help. Do you know where I can find washi tape and cords in Hong Kong? Thank you

    • Hi Amy, I recently went to Cheung Nam stationary in mong kok and they had a fairly good range of washi tape. I’m not sure what you mean by cords but if you mean fabric cord then the haberdashery stores in sham shui po are probably your best bet. I hope that helps!

  14. Hi, I was wondering if you know where to get basket weaving supplies? Like rattan strips or wicker or bamboo? Would be a great help for my project, and a lot of the shops I’ve visited so far don’t sell them. I’ll check out the shops listed in Wan Chai and hope I get lucky.

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  16. Hi there! Great thread….I wonder if you know of any places supplying the emulative whipped cream simulation glue for decoden at all? I have tirelessly searched and still no wiser for a good quality one. Kindest regards

    • I’m sorry I don’t know what that is so I have no idea where to find it! For the best overall range of craft supplies, I’d suggest artland or cheong Nam stationery, I don’t know if you’ve tried there yet.

  17. Thanks for this list! I’m visiting HK soon and I’m planning to buy materials for my paper cutting and crocheting. I hope I get to buy them!

  18. Hi Rachel! This is a great site and has all the info I need!
    I’m looking for some faux leather (as thin as possible) to make clothes for 12″ dolls / figures.
    Based on your info above I guess the best bet is to go to Shamshuipo?
    I wonder if they sell such materials (small portion, not big lots) at Western Market in HK?
    Best regards

  19. We are coming to Hong Kong in November I was wondering if you know if there is a tour that we can take of craft markets for the day

      • Hi Rachel – your updates and info are really helpful, thank you. I am looking for I am travelling to Hong Kong in Feb and just checked the littlebusinesslove page and found that there have not been any updates since last year. I could not see any coming up for 2016.

      • Hi Gayle, from what I can tell the page is pretty up to date in terms of the markets that I know about. The page is just a listings page for the companies that have craft markets in Hong Kong. Each link should take you to a website which will hopefully tell you when that particular market is taking place in 2016. I hope that’s useful.

  20. Wanting to make some dream catchers and haven’t explored all shops yet for bits and pieces ..

    Wondered if you’d come across any particular craft shops that stock feathers of different sorts and wooden rings at all ??

    • I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen that sort of thing on Yu Chau street, near Sham Shui Po mtr station. Alternatively, you could try Artland or Cheung Nam stationery, they may have some.

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  23. Enjoyed reading your stories. I love quilting and patchwork, my husband and I will be in Hong Kong for the day on a cruise. I would love to find some well priced fabrics, cotton mainly, but Brian and I are 70 and not able to walk around for hours searching for fabrics. Is there a few stores we could grab a taxi too that has a good range of fabric close to each other, maybe an airconditioned shopping centre, or a particular area at Sham Shui Po markets. Thankyou

    • I haven’t really shopped there myself, but the top floor of Western Market is full of fabric shops. Possibly not the cheapest but a good selection and a nice building to shop in! Otherwise, the section of Ki Lung Street in Sham Shui Po between Shek Kip Mei Street and Wong Chuk Street has a line of fabric stalls which are worth browsing. Some of the shops round there also have rolls of fabric but many have small samples which you have to order from (so you won’t have time for that) so maybe have a little wander round there if you feel like it. I hope that’s useful!

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  25. Hi, I am looking for some tools to create personalized items like leather stamping tools, metal stamping, heat press printers, etc. would you know where to buy them in Hong Kong? :)

  26. Hello Rachel, I found your article while looking for an address in Sham Shui Po for a friend. We used to live in Hong Kong (spent 17 years there), left in 2012 and have now relocated to Kuala Lumpur. I used to spend days in Sham Shui Po exploring all the little streets. I miss it very much and every time we travel back to HK I go there. I also used to shop in Tailor & Alteration Needlework Club but since moving to Malaysia have realised how expensive that shop is! Am glad you are having fun and found some places for your crafts. Hong Kong is a lovely place where you can find anything but sometimes it’s hard to find it!

    • Hi Frederique, thanks so much for your lovely comment! Yes, HK can be really hard to find things and some of the most useful shops are quite pricey, I guess because the locals know where to go for cheap stuff and us expats don’t?!

  27. Fantastic blog article! Very helpful and informative, thankyou. I am looking to buy feathers, flat back gems for sewing, diamonte trim, etc for carnival costumes. Any recommendations?

  28. Hi… Can you please tell me that where in Hong Kong I can find supplies to make artificial flowers? I am looking to make flowers out of nylon stockings, organza and crepe paper.

    • I’m not sure where you can find all those things in one place. Your local stationery store may have crepe paper, or a bigger shop such as CN Square in Mong Kok or Artland in Wan Chai should have it. They may also have organza, or you may have to look in fabric shops, such as those in Sham Shui Po (or others listed in this blog post). A market is probably your best bet for nylon stockings. I hope that helps. Rachel

  29. Hi

    Thanks for the detailed info. I am looking for bean bag fillers on the cheap. Any suggestions where I could buy these.


    • I actually bought some myself from a little stationery shop. They had a big bag of tiny polystyrene balls hanging outside so I bought that for $48. It’s probably meant for use in packing boxes but it worked for me, so it might be worth looking round your local shops. Otherwise I did see smaller bags in cn square but they were more pricey. I hope that helps! Rachel

  30. Hi Rachel, do you know where to get the supplies for nuno felting in Kowloon? I am looking for the solar cover, tulle and rolling bar. Thanks!

  31. Your post gives me hope and still relevant today as ever. Where to buy the artistic wire (not silver wire) in HK? Thanks much!

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