Handmade too-cute-to-be-true felt baby shoes!

When I saw this tutorial for felt baby shoes on The Purl Bee, I knew I had to give it a go. They are so cute! Two of my friends had babies a couple of months ago, so I thought they would make great (albeit slightly late) presents for them.

Handmade felt baby shoes

By the way, The Purl Bee is a blog with a whole load of great sewing, kitting and crochet tutorials (with links to buy the materials from their shop, Purl Soho). I want to make almost everything I see on there! Unfortunately I need to learn to sew, knit and crochet first…

Anyway, click here for the tutorial for the baby shoes. They were ridiculously easy to make and took a sewing novice like me about an hour and a half to make a pair. The tutorial is so good that I don’t even have any tips to add! It tells you everything you need to know.

Felt baby shoes red

The only difference between my shoes and theirs is that I didn’t read the materials list carefully enough and I bought normal 6-stranded embroidery thread, rather than the different type that they recommend. I used 3 strands to sew my shoes, and it seems to have worked ok!

Felt baby shoes stitching

Here are my finished shoes. They should fit a 3 month old baby. Luckily my friends’ babies are both quite small as they were born a few weeks early so I’m hoping that they’ll receive the shoes before the babies are too big for them!

Hand sewn felt baby shoes

I think I may have to buy some more felt and make some for my own little ones when they are born…

Thanks for reading!


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