Featured blog: bluebalu

First of all, apologies for the lack of posts last week. A combination of being very pregnant and celebrating Tom’s birthday meant that I didn’t get much done!

This week’s featured blog is bluebalu: Living in Hong Kong, written by Ruth. The blog features a range of posts about life in Hong Kong, including lots of great photography, articles about hiking and restaurant reviews and tips on what to do and see in Hong Kong! She posts every day, so you are treated to regular updates!

Describe your blog in one or two sentences.

I started my blog ‘bluebalu: living in Hong Kong’ in January 2011 to keep my friends and family in Europe updated about my life in Hong Kong. Since then my blog has evolved and I write for a wide audience of people interested in what’s happening in Hong Kong in general, from good places to eat, scenic routes to hike, exhibitions to visit, interesting photo locations as well as trips to other cities and countries in Asia.


What made you decide to start a blog?

My main reason was to stay in touch with friends and family, then over time, it became a way to keep track of what I was experiencing in Hong Kong and an outlet for my pictures and stories.

People of Temple Street 1

Where do you get your inspiration?

From everywhere around me – sometimes it’s a story that I read on the SCMP or the web. Other times it’s something my colleagues told me over lunch or what I’ve overhead on the hiking trails. A few times I just looked through the pictures I had recently taken and picked the best to share on my blog.

Tram travel in B&W

What has been the highlight of working on your blog so far?

It allowed me to connect with some really great people. I’ve had quite a few emails from people that have lived in Hong Kong many years ago and are sharing their thoughts and experiences. Other times I received emails from travellers that are soon coming to Hong Kong and either would like to have a few tips or would even like to meet up for some dim sum or drinks.

quintessentially HK 1 - people eating on the street

What do you like to do when not working on your blog?

Hiking, taking pictures and playing with my kitten Sam, a British Shorthair cat that we’ve adopted in May this year.

Shopkeeper in Wan Chai in B&w

What is coming up in future posts?

I don’t plan my posts – they just happen. I’m currently blogging about my recent trip to Singapore, then I’ll feature some new restaurants I’ve tried recently in Hong Kong.

quintessentially HK 2 - raining day in Wan Chai

What are your top three favourite blogs?

Can I select more than three? When it comes to Hong Kong and Macau I love the recipes on http://jasmineandginger.blogspot.hk/, the food reviews on http://www.hungrysu.com/ and the pictures & stories on http://julianaloh.com/. Jen from http://expatlingo.com/ makes me laugh with her humour and cartoons and Gary’s pictures on http://www.f8photography.com.hk/blog/ are mind-blowing.

Thanks Ruth! Please check out bluebalu: Living in Hong Kong to see more of Ruth’s great photography and insights into Hong Kong life.

Thanks for reading!


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