Building names which make me smile

I love some of the English names on buildings in Hong Kong. Quite often they are very grand names, sometimes on not-so-grand looking buildings. Or sometimes they are great names in Chinese but just haven’t translated well. Here are a few of my favourites…

(apologies for the poor picture quality, I took all of these on my phone!)

Prosperity Tower Hong Kong

Come here if you want to get rich! Prosperity is a big part of Chinese culture so it’s no surprise that I came across a building called this.

I also saw one called ‘Winning Tower’ which is another great name, and obviously somewhere where you want to live or work – I mean, who doesn’t want to win? Unfortunately I saw it from the mid-levels escalator and couldn’t get close enough to take a photo.

Next we have Happy Mansion…

Happy Mansion Hong Kong

…which doesn’t look so happy…

And another residential favourite of mine:

Unique Tower Hong Kong

Yep, there’s only one of these!

Lots of things get done in this building:

Effectual Building Hong Kong

And lastly, not a building name but a chain of women’s clothing shops which are all over Hong Kong:

Ladies clothing store Hong Kong

I just think it’s a really unfortunate name! (Is this a British thing? I’m not sure whether Americans will get it!)

I’m sure there are many more examples of great building names all over Hong Kong but these are the ones I’ve seen. Please share if you come across others!

Update: I’ve written a second post with more amusing building names. Check it out here!

Thanks for reading!



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