Welcome Jack and Isobel!

Last week was a pretty big week for me and my husband as we welcomed our twins Jack and Isobel into the world! And here they are:

Neither of them had turned to be head down so they were born by caesarean section, which went as well as could be expected, although it did mean a stay in hospital for a few days afterwards. The babies were delivered at minimal cost to us at one of Hong Kong’s public hospitals – Pamela Youde Eastern Hospital – and the care was excellent (even if the food wasn’t quite to my taste!)

Since then we’ve mostly been learning how to take care of two babies (it’s a steep learning curve!). It’s been pretty tiring so far but they’re so cute that it keeps me going on very little sleep! Tom has been fantastically supportive and has stepped into his new role as a dad with gusto :)

Here are some more photos. Firstly, Jack:



And Isobel (mostly sleeping, which is what she does):



And the two together at home :)


(I promise this won’t turn into a baby blog, but I’ll continue to post updates from time to time for those who are interested!)

Obviously the twins will take a higher priority than this blog, but I will try to continue to post regularly, if not as frequently as at the moment.

Thanks for reading, I really do appreciate it. And I hope you will stick with me during this period of change and upheaval!


9 thoughts on “Welcome Jack and Isobel!

    • Thanks Willow! Yes, we were really pleased with the good birth weights, especially for twins! It’s pretty tiring looking after two babies but luckily we have family on hand to help :)

  1. Well done again Rachel, so nice to hear (and see) you’ve got them home now. I’m sure you must be whacked but also very very happy and elated! Keep going, we’re all sending our best wishes :)

    • Thanks Catherine. Very happy to be home, especially as hospital visiting hours were very limited so now Tom can spend as much time with the twins as me. Hope all is well back home!

  2. Big congrats. Isobel and Jack look adorable and with some good weight on them! Hope you are all well and good luck with adjusting your life around your two little ones!

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