Life with newborn twins

Jack and Isobel are 6 weeks old today! That has gone very fast already, although the first couple of weeks felt like they went very slowly indeed. I spent a lot of it wondering how on earth I would cope with two newborns on my own! It was just relentless feeding, changing and comforting on very little sleep indeed. Luckily for the first 4 weeks we had family visiting, firstly in the form of Tom’s parents and then my parents – and they were all a great help. I don’t know how I could have done it without them.

Since then I’ve been on my own while Tom is at work, although luckily we have lovely friends here and family in the form of Tom’s sister, who has just moved to Hong Kong. They are all helping to keep me sane and it has meant that there haven’t been many full days where I haven’t seen someone or had something to do or somewhere to be. We are also forced out of the flat on a regular basis to go to medical appointments as Jack has a mild form of torticollis, a condition which has resulted in a fibrous lump on one side of his neck. Luckily it was caught early and regular physiotherapy is helping to soften the fibres and reduce the size of the lump so that it is already barely noticeable. I don’t think Jack enjoys the physio much though!

If that wasn’t enough stress, we also moved flats last weekend. We lived on the 5th floor of a building without a lift, which was fine when there was just the two of us, and may have been workable with one baby, but it did mean I couldn’t really get out of the flat on my own with two of them. Thankfully, the move went really smoothly and we are now in a larger, lighter apartment in a building with a lift! It’s in a nice area too, with play areas and a park nearby. We’re still in the process of unpacking and setting up the new place but we’re getting there.

So, getting back to the twins, looking after them is very hard work and we get very little sleep but it seems to be going ok so far! Once I was on my own I quickly discovered that feeding them both at the same time is a total sanity saver – otherwise you have to sit there while one cries for half an hour while you feed the other one and then you (and they) swap over! They can’t cry whilst feeding so it becomes a very quiet time :)

It’s been wonderful to see how they have developed already. After 2 or 3 weeks, they each started to be able to spend a little time looking around quietly whereas beforehand if they weren’t eating or sleeping, they were crying! That time has gradually increased and in the last week they’ve started making and holding eye contact. And we’ve had hints of smiles from each of them which is very exciting!

Anyway, as requested, here are some photos.





An accurate depiction of the two of them together (i.e. Isobel is asleep and Jack is not):


Tom took this photo, I think it has a lot of character!


Our little family :)

IMG_1008This is my favourite photo of them so far. They were both feeding and fell asleep and their heads gradually slid towards each other until they were touching! Isobel is on the right and Jack is on the left.


Thanks for reading!



14 thoughts on “Life with newborn twins

  1. Lovely to read the update and see the photos. The last one is so cute! And you look amazingly well considering the sleepless nights and all. Great to see a pic of Tom too!

    All the best! xxxx

  2. Lovely pictures, and update Rachel. Am so glad to hear you and the babies are well. It must be exhausting but so rewarding! And great to have all the family support around you. Enjoy settling into the new flat and the run-in to Christmas (how exciting a Christmas it will be with the new family!) Best wishes to all four of you :)

    • Haha, I might not have done it if I’d have known how hard work it is looking after twins! But it was good to be out and about and I did enjoy them. Happy New Year!

  3. Hi, Rachel, congrats on your cute twin babies, they look so adorable!
    About the mild torticollis you mentioned, can I check with you which medical center and which physiotherapist/paed you have used? How long has the treatment lasted before the lump goes away? My son is 3 weeks old now and also has this problem, we visited HKSH, paed there just suggested us yo do stretching for him at home, but we prefer having a physiotherapist to show us exactly how to do it first. Would like to find him an good physiotherapist especially exprienced in torticollis in HK. Any input would be highly appreciated. Look forward to your reply.


    • Hi Melissa, I’m sorry to hear that your son also has torticollis. We have only used the public system in HK so we went to the Tang Chi Ngong clinic on Queens Road East. The paed physio lady there is lovely and speaks excellent English. She did some slightly alarming looking stretching on Jack’s neck and used ultrasound to reduce the size of the lump. We have since moved to the Kowloon side and now go to a different clinic but the lump is now gone and we see the physio once a fortnight (rather than the 3 times a week it was too start with) – Jack is now 3 months old. They have said they will continue to monitor him until he is walking to check he holds his head straight but already he seems to be pretty well balanced. Please let me know if you have any more questions! I hope your son recovers as well as ours. Rachel

      • Oops, just realised I gave the wrong name of the clinic! We went to the physiotherapy department of Tang Shiu Kin hospital which is actually next to Tang Chi Ngong clinic on Queens Road East.

      • Hi, Rachel, many thanks for your information. I took my son to Princess Margrete hospital in Lai King at last because we live in discovery bay. Twice a week. My son is already 3 months old now and we have been doing this physio for around 2 months, but the lump is still there and I don’t think it gets any smaller :-(
        But the good thing is, my boy has basically symmetric turning range for both sides and he turns his head both sides as well, although he does have a preference for one side. Don’t know when the lump will go away, this is really freaking me out….

  4. Melissa, thanks for the update. Sorry to hear that your son still has his lump. As I said before, Jack’s lump disappeared pretty quickly. But we’ve been working a lot on getting his head movement to be symmetrical and finally now it pretty much is although he still favours one side. I suppose if the lump isn’t affecting his movement at all then it doesn’t matter so much, but I can imagine that it’s a bit upsetting to see it still there.

    • Yes, true…. Anyway, will keep on doing physio for him… Parenting is not an easy thing to do indeed, but well rewarded :-)) Next time you come to DBay, just give me a shout, let’s have some coffee together and some mummy time, :DD

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