Handmade Hong Kong Indie Arts and Craft Fair: In Review

I was privileged to secure a spot at the Handmade Hong Kong (HmHK) Indie Arts and Craft Fair in Discovery Bay on 24th November. HmHK have fairs throughout the year, and this was my 3rd since starting up Little Koo. I’m starting to get into the swing of it now, but the twins didn’t allow me much time to prepare for this one!

I really enjoyed the day. For a start the weather for the most part was surprisingly hot and sunny, even for Hong Kong! I got sunburned! There was a steady flow of people browsing the stalls, I had a good spot near one end of the fair and I was surrounded by other lovely sellers. The fair was supposed to last until 7pm but at a little after 5, the heavens opened and it started raining heavily and everyone had to pack their stalls up!

Here is my little stall. I was quite pleased with the setup this time:

Little Koo craft fair stall

One of my lovely friends joined me for most of the day to keep me company and she kindly manned the stall while I browsed the rest of the fair. There were so many great stalls selling unique and unusual products. Visitors to the craft fair were really spoiled for choice!

Here are some of my favourite stalls:

Puff Terrariums were at the stall next to mine, and attracted a lot of attention with their unique products

Puff Terrariums

On The Move.Asia  had such cute lunchboxes!

On The Move.Asia

Cap East sold unique and fun flip flops!

Cap East

I didn’t catch the name of this man’s business, but his wooden animals were so beautiful

Handmade carved wooden animals

I Love Crochet had so many cute accessories and beautiful children’s clothes

I Love Crochet

Carolyn Waweru makes lovely ribbon jewellery, and was kind enough to pose for my photo :)

Carolyn Waweru

I hope this has whet your appetite for the upcoming HmHK fairs! The next is on Saturday at The Vine Centre in Wanchai:

Handmade Hong Kong Wanchai Christmas Bazaar 2013

And the following weekend is the final fair of the year in Discovery Bay Plaza:

Handmade Hong Kong Christmas Bazaar Discovery Bay Plaza 2013

Come along to these craft fairs to see more great stalls like the ones above! If you do so, please stop by the Little Koo stall and say hello :)

Thanks for reading!



6 thoughts on “Handmade Hong Kong Indie Arts and Craft Fair: In Review

  1. hope you had a fun fair, my other bloggy friend Raspberry Rainbow was there too. If you don’t already know Cat you two should definitely meet.
    Happy new year. Cheers Cinti

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