Happy Chinese New Year!

Welcome to the Year of the Horse!

For those of you who are not aware, yesterday was the start of the new Chinese lunar year. Each year has an animal associated with it, and this year it is the horse. Bluebalu wrote a great summary of what this means on her blog so I’ll let you check it out.

I’m now curious to find out what being born in the year of the snake (i.e. last year) means for my twins! Does anyone know? Leave a comment if so!

We won’t be doing a lot to celebrate the new year ourselves but we do have an “amazing” CNY horse decoration that my husband bought! Isn’t it beautiful:

Please check out my summary of last year’s Chinese New Year celebrations to get an idea of what goes on at Chinese New Year in Hong Kong.

One final note: I plan to restart the blog again! My twins are starting to nap a little more consistently which leaves me a little more time for other things. I hope to blog once a week and it’ll be the usual mixture of crafts, Hong Kong life and other random stuff. I hope you enjoy reading the posts!

Thanks for reading!



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