Jack and Isobel at 4 months

I can’t believe Jack and Isobel are 4 months old already! In some ways it feels like a long time since they were born, but it really has flown by. And they’ve grown so much! We were looking at photos of them when they were born the other day and it was a bit of a surprise to see how tiny they were back then!

They are doing something new every week it seems. Thumb sucking, clasping hands together, playing with toys with two hands, laughing and holding heads up are some of the more recent developments! I sometimes struggle to know what to do with them to entertain them but then they always seem to be coming up with new tricks which entertain me!

We’re really enjoying our new flat too. The location is great and I’m enjoying going for walks with the babies to explore the local area. Some parts are quite ‘local’ (i.e. quite Chinese) so it’s interesting to see all the little shops and how people go about their lives. We’re on the Kowloon side now (we were on Hong Kong island before) so we’re not quite as connected as before. But I’m getting braver and I want to be able to go and do things and see people so I’m getting more used to grappling with both babies at once on buses! People are very kind and often help out though :)

We took the babies on their first (short) hike over Chinese New Year, which seemed to be pretty successful (no photographic evidence unfortunately). We even survived an encounter with some monkeys who stole the remains of our lunch! We managed to plan in appropriate breaks for feeding and changing, and other than that the twins seemed to enjoy looking out at everything or taking the opportunity for a snooze. Hopefully this will mean we can get out more and more with them, especially as they are going longer between feeds and naps now.

Anyway, here are a few photos of them, starting with Jack:




And some of Isobel:



20140208_141558And finally, one of the two of them together. What a pair of cheeky monkeys!

P1070170Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Jack and Isobel at 4 months

  1. Lovely photos Rachael – and the twins are so cute! I was in Hong Kong over Christmas, but oh so cold with howling gales up Mount Butler. Hope you managed to keep warm. I look forward to seeing the next batch of pics. xxxx

    • Thanks Willow! It’s been really cold here the last couple of weeks too. We are just about managing to stay warm – we have a little heater but we do miss central heating!

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