Featured blog: The Beading Gem’s Journal

After a bit of a break I’ve decided it’s time to re-start my regular posts featuring other Etsy shops and blogs that I love. I’ll be doing this once a fortnight. Today it’s the turn of Pearl from The Beading Gem’s Journal!

I first came across The Beading Gem’s Journal when I was researching various jewellery making techniques and other aspects of jewellery making. It just kept popping up in my searches with great articles so I added it to my Feedly and now I get a daily dose of jewellery goodness, from new techniques and online tutorials to features on other great jewellery makers. If jewellery making (or indeed jewellery in general) is your thing then I’d recommend you take a look!

Here is Pearl to tell you more about it…

Describe your blog in one or two sentences

I write an inspirational jewelry blog where readers learn all about jewelry and the art of the craft in an entertaining manner. Hence “Jewelry Expressions in Bloom” (Editor’s note: this is the tagline of The Beading Gem’s Journal)

green onyx earrings small

What made you decide to start a blog?

I started the blog simply because I did not have a website.  I needed something online to publicize my workshops back in Nova Scotia where I used to live. Initially I featured many of my students’ final creations.  The blog grew from there.

Blue Cord and Ribbon Necklace 1

Where do you get your inspiration?

Pretty well everything!  Nature, museum trips, historical jewelry,- even wallpaper patterns!  I have an open and imaginative mind and am prepared to try anything.

s Wire wrapped All My Love Inside Necklace modeled

What has been the highlight of working on your blog so far?

The most pleasurable part of writing the blog is the wonderful community that resulted. I have “met” so many inspirational designers and really warm and friendly people who share this craft.  When I started the blog, I wasn’t really keen on writing but after more than 7 years, I have grown to enjoy writing as another creative outlet.

Tagua Twist

What do you like to do when not working on your blog?

Making jewelry naturally!  But I also enjoy other crafts like crochet, sewing.  When the weather is better, I also like gardening. I enjoy photography and gawking at great designs – architecture, furniture etc.  I am also a bit of a bookworm.

crystal wire wrapped pendant s

What is coming up in future posts?

I never know what I might discover and share in future posts.  My blog is very fluid –  I try and share trends and great ideas as they happen.

What are your top three favourite blogs?

I have many favorite blogs covering a wide variety of topics reflecting my interests – so it is hard to choose.   PetaPixel is a photography blog I love.  I also enjoy the quirky Book of Joe. I used to write a lot for Trendhunter and I still enjoy reading their giant blog.


Thanks Pearl! Please check out The Beading Gem’s Journal to dive into the beautiful world of jewellery crafting!

Thanks for reading!


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