Jack and Isobel at 6 months

I really can’t believe that my twins are 6 months old already! It felt like time was passing sooooo slowly for the first month or so but now it’s racing by. In the last few weeks it feels like they have grown so much too, they’re getting really big!


The developmental milestones seem to be racing by too. They both have at least one tooth (Jack has two). They are reaching out and picking up toys on their own. Both are rolling around and getting ever increasingly mobile. You look away for 30 seconds and neither of them is anywhere near where I left them! I think Isobel will be crawling soon, she’s so close to doing so already! I think we’ll need to start babyproofing the flat soon…



They had their first food a few weeks ago. I would say weaning is going ‘ok’ but not amazing so far. They’ll happily eat rice cereal but I’ve tried to puree potatoes and carrots (separately) and they’ve made the most hilarious (to me) disgusted faces and refused to eat them. So I’ve bought jars of various pureed vegetables (which are much smoother than I can make myself) and I’m introducing them by mixing some in with the rice cereal. They seem to be eating that ok so far! These pictures are of their first meal:



It’s getting so much more fun to interact with the babies now. They like it when I sing ‘Slippery Fish’ to them, and when we do ‘Row Row Your Boat’ sitting up and rocking backwards and forwards. Jack likes shaking rattles and things to make noise, and Isobel loves blowing raspberries! (she does it all the time!)

We had our first trip to the beach over the Easter weekend. It went pretty well to start with, both of them enjoyed lying on towels while Isobel played with a toy and Jack watched all the other people on the beach. We tried paddling them in the water but it was too cold and they cried! So they went back on the towels but they started to get too hot and tired. So that was it really! I enjoyed myself though, we’ll definitely do it again before it gets crazy hot in Hong Kong.


We’re going to the UK next week for a couple of weeks. It’ll be so lovely to see friends and family again, especially as many of them haven’t met the babies yet. But I’m just quite worried about how the babies will cope with the travelling, time difference and unfamiliar places! Fingers crossed they take it all in their stride.

But all in all they’re doing well. I couldn’t ask for it to be going much better really :)


Thanks for reading!


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4 thoughts on “Jack and Isobel at 6 months

  1. Hello I just wanted to say I love your blog I found out yesterday I’m expecting twins, very scary but you seem to be doing so well and you have two gorgeous little ones. Would you be able to share any top tips and or advice to expectant twin mums !!

    • Congratulations Katie! Twins are a lot of hard work, but such a blessing :) My main tip for you at the moment is to take it as easy as you can. Twin pregnancies are much more high risk than single pregnancies and you really need to look after yourself. Get lots of rest and don’t try to do too much! I wrote a blog post about twin pregnancies a while back, so please take a look here: https://littlekoo.wordpress.com/2013/10/09/what-ive-learned-about-twin-pregnancies/
      I’m going to write another one with tips on looking after twin babies soon so please check that out as well!

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