Chung Hom Kok beach

For the first part of the Easter weekend the weather in Hong Kong was lovely – sunny and warm, but not boiling hot (somewhere around 28°C) so we thought we’d take the babies for their first trip to the beach. Our requirements were to find a beach that was fairly accessible, ideally not too busy and where we could hire a sun shade. So we thought we’d give Chung Hom Kok beach a go, never having been before.

Getting to Chung Hom Kok beach is actually very straightforward. Just get on the 6X bus to Stanley (not the 6, it doesn’t go through Chung Hom Kok) and get off at the Chung Hom Kok Beach stop. We had to get another bus to get from the Kowloon side to the Island first, but it was still a pretty simple trip.

There are two things I need to warn you about though! First, the 6X goes on quite windy (meandering, not gusty) roads and depending on how your bus driver drives you might feel a little nauseous! Secondly, when you get off the bus there are a LARGE number of steps down to the beach (although luckily I didn’t find it quite as bad going back up them to get the bus home as I was expecting!). Please note that there are two bus stops on opposite sides of the roundabout at Chung Hom Kok beach because the bus does a U turn to get to the beach stop and out again so you need to check you are at the right stop to get your bus home!


After going down all those steps and through a little park you finally hit the beach (it’s only about a 5-10 minute walk). As you reach the beach you’ll see a lifeguard station in front of you, a little shop on the left (where you can hire sun shades and get cold drinks), and changing rooms with showers and a BBQ area on the right. When we went the beach wasn’t that busy but the BBQ pits were all in use, although I think if we had wanted one we wouldn’t have waited too long for one to become free.


The beach itself was nice and quiet, and was pretty clean with decent sand. The water was lovely and clear, and also very clean (although in Hong Kong that is highly dependent on weather patterns, so we were just lucky that it was a good day). But the water was also very cold! Of course, it’ll get warmer as the summer goes on though.


The beach has a nice view too, looking across to Ocean Park and various islands out to sea.


It was nice to sit on the beach and paddle (although the babies didn’t enjoy the paddling because the water was too cold!), very quiet and relaxing. The other people we were with enjoyed swimming in the sea too. If shell collecting is your thing then there were lots of shells there to choose from. I collected quite a few pieces of sea glass, which I think are really pretty although I think it is a poor reflection on the cleanliness of Hong Kong’s water and beaches that it was so plentiful! We only stayed for an hour because the babies started getting a little too hot and tired but if you don’t have babies as a limiting factor you could definitely stay a lot longer!

We really enjoyed our little trip out and would definitely go back to Chung Hom Kok beach again!

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Chung Hom Kok beach

  1. I have always gone past that stop on the bus and wondered what was down there! Thanks for trying it out and taking the time to share, I might try it next time I am in a beach mood.

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