Travelling with twins

We recently spent a couple of weeks in the UK, visiting friends and family and attending the wedding of one of my closest friends. I have to admit that while it was lovely to catch up with so many people, it was the least relaxing holiday I’ve possibly ever had!

I was pretty apprehensive about how the babies would be on the plane journeys, and it turns out I was right to be! Several friends said to me that the babies would probably sleep most of the time, but they didn’t. We had 4 flights in total because we flew via Dubai, and on 3 of those flights (which lasted between 6 and 8 hours each) the babies slept 2-3 hours at most. The other flight was a night flight so they slept for about 5 hours, but that’s still not a full night’s sleep! It was really hard to keep them entertained and quiet for all the time they were awake, and I was very grateful that on pretty much all the flights the people who were sat next to us were very patient and kind.

On the way out we spent 3 nights in Dubai, staying with some friends who live there. We didn’t see an awful lot of Dubai but what we did see we liked more than we expected to – it’s a clean, modern city and we can see why our friends enjoy living there. For the babies, it was their first time sleeping in a strange bed in a different apartment and they found it all a bit unsettling. We had a few broken nights there! Things did improve luckily when we got to the UK and whilst it took a while to get back into their normal pattern, they did get used to bring carted around different places and in general were very well behaved.


Unfortunately, an already stressful holiday was made worse when I picked up a vomiting bug, probably on the first flight to Dubai. I spent the morning before our flight from Dubai to the UK throwing up and feeling very sorry for myself but amazingly felt significantly better by the time we boarded the plane. But it turned out that the bug was incredibly contagious and I passed it on without realising it to many of our friends and family in the UK. A bit of a disaster, but it couldn’t be helped I suppose.

Anyway, I’m making it sound like the whole holiday was awful, which it wasn’t at all. The wedding that was the main reason for our UK visit was beautiful and I’m so glad that we were able to attend. Jessica and Nick, if you read this, we had such a lovely time and we were especially grateful for the nannies you hired! Congratulations! We also enjoyed dressing the babies up in nice outfits for the wedding:)


Other highlights included the babies meeting all three of our living grandparents (i.e. the babies’ great-grandparents), chilling out with friends, and watching our own parents enjoying spending time with their grandchildren. Thank you to everyone who put us up on our travels (not an easy feat with the babies in tow!) and also to those who travelled to be able to see us. We were so grateful to be able to catch up with so many dear friends and relatives.

Lastly, our thanks go to Jack and Isobel, who we totally uprooted from their cosy little routine and dragged halfway round the world to meet a whole bunch of people they had never seen before. They grumbled a little at times, but in general took it in their stride and smiled at pretty much everyone they met.

Now if only we could catch up on some of that lost sleep…

Thanks for reading!


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6 thoughts on “Travelling with twins

  1. Sounds exhausting. After our one weekend away with the babies, I am seriously reconsidering what might be a relaxing weekend with my twins. Have been considering whether we all should fly out for a friend’s wedding in August or whether I should go alone. Hm.

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