Featured Etsy shop: krukrustudio

Every fortnight Occasionally, I’m featuring Etsy shops and blogs which I love. This week it’s the turn of Lyuba and Max from the Etsy shop krukrustudio!

Lyuba and Max create amazing novelty bags, they are beautiful and great fun! I first came across their Tardis bag and thought it would be a great gift for a Doctor Who-loving friend. They have a massive range of bags though in all sorts of designs, as you’ll find out. Here are Lyuba and Max to tell you more about it…

Describe your shop in one or two sentences.

We are a tiny team inventing and creating bags of unusual shapes.


Tardis bag krukrustudio


What has been your most popular product to date? What is your favourite?

There are quite a few models that become popular from time to time. Once it was TARDIS bag, then the Piano bag, the Raspberry Jam. Now it is the Fox bag.


Sleeping fox bag krukrustudio


Where do you get your inspiration?

First we were inspired by the works of other authors, especially on Etsy. When we started, the creation itself became very inspiring. It was a real shock to see our first models coming into being! Objects that have long history behind them usually have wonderful shapes! These story-telling objects are real pleasure to work with.


Airplane felt bag krukrustudio


What made you decide to open an Etsy shop?

Long before we started our project we knew about Etsy and were inspired by its community and creative possibilities it opens. So when we started making these bags there was no question whether to join Etsy or not. We joined right it away!


Compact cassette felt bag krukrustudio


What is your favourite part of the creative process?

Well, there are many parts. We love thinking of new possible models and enjoy constructing process. Every new model made makes us happy and every positive feedback from people cheers us up.


piano bag krukrustudio


What do you like to do when not working on your business?

We are travelling, going to museums and concerts.


Instagram purse krukrustuio


What are you currently working on? Anything new coming up?

We just finished working on the Steam Locomotive bag and now working on Volkswagen T1 bus!


VW bus bag krukrustudio


What are your top three favourite Etsy shops?

It is really hard to choose just three shops!


Thanks so much guys! Aren’t their bags fabulous?! I do love that fox bag! Check out krukrustudio to see their full range.

Thanks for reading!



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