Hand decorated initial letter babygros

I’ve been meaning to decorate some babygros (also known as onsies, for our American readers) for some time now – since before the babies were born! Finally, I’ve got round to it :)

Puff paint initial letter babygro DIY

I think they would make a great new baby gift, or just something nice to make for your own children (as I’ve done).

I was inspired by this tutorial from Alisa Burke to use puff paint (also known as 3D paint) to decorate my babygro. Isn’t her design amazing?!


Unfortunately, as I realised when I used the puff paint I bought on this tutorial, it’s very hard to draw designs with these paint tubes, so sticking to dots is best. I recently saw this embroidery design on pinterest and thought I could do something similar with my babygro!


For this tutorial you will need:

  • A plain babygro (onsie)
  • Puff paint (I used 3 colours per design)
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Double-sided sticky tape (or normal sellotape)

1. Cut your paper down to a size that will fit inside your babygro. Draw the initial that you want to use in the design in dark pen (as you can see, I’m not very good at drawing letters freehand so I have to measure it all out!). To give an idea of scale, my babygros are size 9-12 months, and my letter is 5cm high.

Draw out your initial

2. Use the double-sided sticky tape (or sellotape) to stick the letter in position inside the babygro so that you can see the letter through the fabric.

Place initial inside babygro

3. Start going round the letter with dots in your first colour. Space your dots 2-3 dot widths apart and space your dots out more as you get further away from the letter. Try to finish so that your dots end up covering an oval shape around the letter.

First colour puff paint dots

4. Repeat step 3 for the two other colours, spacing your dots as evenly as possible.

Puff paint monogram onsie

Dotted handmade onsie initial letter

And that’s it! Simple :)

So simple, I made two!

Hand decorated initial letter babygros

Monogram puff paint onsie

Initial letter dotted babygro design

I was gutted that I made a smudge with the paint on the ‘J’ babygro and I wish my dots were a little more evenly sized, but overall I’m really pleased with how they came out!

Here are my glamorous assistants to model the finished products (very difficult to get good shots of them, they kept trying to grab the camera!)



Thanks for reading!


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