Birthday busy-ness

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Today is a public holiday in Hong Kong :)

Apologies for the lack of posts last week. My husband turned 30 last Friday and I was so busy organising presents and a little party for him! It wasn’t actually all that much to organise really, it’s just hard when you only have an hour or so a day while the babies are sleeping to do everything (including chores, blogging, making baby food, managing a small business…). I was also quite pleased with myself that I managed to organise some great presents for him. He didn’t know what he wanted and after much mulling I managed to come up with a few things that were relatively easy to organise (since shopping in Hong Kong is not a straightforward experience). They included:

…a subscription to the Hong Kong beer club, which means he gets 8-12 handpicked bottles of beer a month! It’s organised by, and I think it’s a great present for a beer lover.

…a Hong Kong Foodie tour. I saw these on bluebalu’s blog, and they look great. We’re going to go on the Sham Shui Po one. Can’t wait!

(I’m not receiving any compensation for recommending these companies, I just really like them)

I also managed to make some decorations and put photos up from various years of his life up till now :)


I love baking and relished the idea of baking a cake for his birthday and some other goodies for the party. Tom requested a Victoria Sponge cake for his birthday cake to take in to work, so I dutifully obliged. It’s the first time I’ve baked one, and it came out ok, although I think our tabletop oven gets a bit too hot and I overcooked it slightly. I also made millionaire’s shortbread for the first time (which was amazing, I’ll definitely be sharing the recipe with you soon!), and my go-to fruit cake. Unfortunately, I managed to burn the top of the fruit cake – mostly I was annoyed because I was planning on sharing the recipe with you but I couldn’t take photos of it looking the way it did! I guess I’ll just have to bake another one soon ;)


So that’s been my past week or so. I’m glad the birthday celebrations went really well and Tom liked his presents! I’m very glad it’s over now though and I can go back to a slightly more restful lifestyle (if that’s at all possible with baby twins…)

Thanks for reading!


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