Featured blog: Minted Strawberry

Today’s post is part of a series of features on blogs and Etsy shops that I love. This time it’s the turn of Aki from the blog Minted Strawberry!

Minted Strawberry is a beautiful blog featuring great craft and jewellery DIYs. Aki is so talented, I don’t know how she comes up with all these ideas! I’ve bookmarked so many of her ideas to have a go at myself!

Here is Aki to tell you all about it…


Describe your blog in one or two sentences.

   Minted Strawberry is a craft/DIY blog that focuses on creating and sharing handmade jewelry, accessory, printables and (sometimes) home decor. 


What made you decide to start a blog?

   I wanted to share my ideas and printables with more than just my family and friends. I decided to start a blog as a way to log all my crafting adventures and to help me improve in many outlets – crafting itself, writing, photography and patience!


How did you choose the name of your blog?

It’s actually pretty simple – I loved the color mint (still do!) and I love strawberries. It’s color + sweetness, which represents what I love and what I blog about (most of the time anyway). :)


Where do you get your inspiration?

   I get inspiration from current trends in the market as well as my own surroundings.


What has been the highlight of working on your blog so far?

   It’s having the opportunity meet people I wouldn’t have met if I never blogged as well as trying out new craft products!


What do you like to do when not working on your blog?

   When I’m not working on my blog, I would be sketching or playing MMORPGs (because I am a nerd at heart). I also have a small shop wherein I make and sell custom cake toppers (https://www.etsy.com/shop/MintedStrawberry) and freelance graphic design page (https://www.facebook.com/graphicblend) and I’m working on opening an Etsy shop for it, too. 


What is coming up in future posts?

   I don’t know – I’m a very when-inspiration-hits-me kind of person, but definitely Fall and Halloween themed stuff! I love skulls so I’m most likely going to be working on a project with that. 


What are your top three favourite blogs?

  It’s so hard to choose! I have a ton – but probably the ones I visit the most are A Pair and A Spare (http://apairandasparediy.com/ – she has gorgeous everything), Noveau Cheap (http://nouveaucheap.blogspot.com/ – for my daily dose of make-up stuff) and Birds Cards (http://www.birdscards.com/ – she has the most amazing cut files for the Silhouette). I know, my reads are very diverse, but they’re all craft/fashion related.

Thanks Aki! If you like what you see, head on over to Minted Strawberry to see even more!

Thanks for reading!


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