The twins turn one!

So, it was the twins’ first birthday last week. Wow, how did a whole year pass already?! It’s gone so fast. Since I last wrote about them here, they’ve really gone from being babies to toddlers. Isobel is now walking/running around everywhere and loves it. Jack has yet to take a step but gets around either by normal crawling or by crawling on his tummy (like a commando) – he manages to go pretty fast! He’s also learned to walk holding onto our lion toy, as demonstrated below. It’s not quite as good as walking (he keeps bumping into things) but it’ll do for now.


Jack loves anything that makes a noise, and also he really loves wheels, or anything he can spin. He’ll spend a good 10 minutes in deep concentration making something go round!


Their birthday was a nice occasion because all four of their grandparents made the journey from the UK to see them. It was a really fun time and lovely to see them spending time together. I think one of the hardest things about being here is that they miss the twins growing up.

It was actually really good timing for their visit because the twins are getting so much more interactive now. You can roll a ball around with them, make them laugh by tickling them or playing peek-a-boo, or build towers for them to knock down. Isobel in particular has a wicked sense of humour at the moment!


On the day itself everyone gathered in our apartment, and when my husband got home from work we opened presents and had a birthday cake. The twins didn’t have a clue what was going on but I think they like their new toys!



Here’s a close up of the cake. I just made and frosted a chocolate cake and made a ‘stencil’ from baking paper and sprinkled lots of sprinkles on top!


The babies enjoyed their first taste of chocolate cake :)


We managed to get out and about a bit while the grandparents were visiting. A particular highlight was a trip to the beach at Shek O. It was such a lovely day (the humidity has dropped away here now so it’s much more pleasant to be outside than the last few months have been) and the babies spent a good couple of hours playing in the sand and sea! They had a great time and so did everyone else.



I can’t even imagine what the next year will bring, but I’m looking forward to it!

Thanks for reading!


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