Strawberry picking in the New Territories

I had heard somewhere a while ago that you could go strawberry picking in Hong Kong and when I looked it up, I learned that the best time of year to do such a thing is now – January to March. I mentioned this to Tom and he was really interested, so a quick google later (to find out where we could go strawberry picking) and we headed off to the Rainbow Organic Strawberry Farm near Fanling.

Not surprisingly, the Rainbow Organic Strawberry Farm is in the middle of nowhere. I hadn’t really thought about it, but of course you’re not going to find a strawberry farm near an MTR station! Having said that, it wasn’t that difficult to get to. We got the MTR to Fanling and then took a taxi to the strawberry farm – we showed the taxi driver the website (which is entirely in Chinese) and after looking at it for a few seconds, off we went. It took something like 15-20 minutes to get there. If you’d rather take public transport, the 52B green minibus to Hok Tau is the one you want. The farm is in Hok Tau village so I don’t think you can get too lost if you don’t know where to get off. There is a brightly coloured sign for the farm on the side of the road and a bus shelter close by so if you see either of those, then that would be a good place to alight. In reality, I’m sure other people will be getting off at the same place too. When you see the sign for the farm, follow the path from the road down the side of another property and through some fields and after a few minutes you get to the farm.

At the entrance you’ll be given a basket, a carton (large or small) and a pair of scissors and be charged HK$10 per person, which can later be redeemed against the strawberries you buy. We went last weekend (January 2015) and the price of the strawberries was HK$80 per pound. We filled a large carton about to the top with strawberries which came in at about 1.5lb, so you can use this to decide how many strawberries you want to pick! There are lots of other things you can pick at the farm besides strawberries. A handy sign lets you know what is available and how much it costs.

Rainbow Organic Strawberry Farm price list

Once you have your basket and scissors, you’re ready to go! There are lots of different areas where the strawberries grow, so it’s a nice idea to have a wander round and see where the most ripe ones are.

Rainbow Organic Strawberry Farm plants

As I mentioned, the farm is in the middle of nowhere, and it was so beautiful, surrounded by green hills and open countryside. It was so quiet too, you can’t believe you’re so close to the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong’s built-up areas.

Rainbow Organic Strawberry Farm hills

Jack and Isobel didn’t really get the whole strawberry picking concept, but they enjoyed wandering round the farm and investigating the plants. You’re not allowed to eat any strawberries while you are in the fields, so we had our work cut out trying to make sure they didn’t do so!



Most of the strawberries looked amazing but every now and again you find a funny shaped one :)

Funny shaped strawberry

It didn’t take us long before our carton was starting to fill up.

Yummy Hong Kong organic strawberries

Once you’ve had your fill of picking strawberries, you can also go and look at the goats and rabbits. For HK$10 each, you can feed them too. When we went to have a look, someone else was feeding them, and this kid (baby goat, not small child) jumped through the bars of its enclosure to see what was going on!

Rainbow Organic Strawberry Farm baby goat

Overall, we stayed a little over an hour and then headed back. You could probably stay longer if you have children who are older than ours who don’t get tired quite so easily, although the strawberry picking itself doesn’t take very long. I’ve since read that the strawberry farm is next to a lavender farm, which has more animals to see and other things to do – I have to admit that I’m not very observant and didn’t notice it at all!

But, the most important thing is of course, what was my verdict on the strawberries? Well, they are certainly not cheap, but I have to admit that they are the best strawberries I’ve ever tasted. Really full of flavour, so much more so than the supermarket ones I normally buy.

Overall, I’d really recommend a visit to the Rainbow Organic Strawberry Farm. A fun trip out of the city and you come away with yummy strawberries! What’s not to like?!

Thanks for reading!


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2 thoughts on “Strawberry picking in the New Territories

  1. Thank you for taking the time to report on your experiences, finds and tips whilst living in Hong Kong. Your posts and comments are so true to the aspects of life there. Just back 2 weeks since my last visit.

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