Jack & Isobel at 16 months

I can’t believe how much Jack and Isobel have changed since they turned 1! I guess the biggest thing is that Jack is now walking – finally. He actually took his first steps around Christmas, so he was 14 months then but it took him well over a month to get good at it. He is so cautious compared to Isobel who threw herself into walking and was wandering around with the greatest of ease only a week or so after she took her first steps!


A friend said to me that the first year is mostly physical development but the second year is mostly emotional development, and so far I totally agree with that. About a month or so ago, the twins suddenly started communicating what they want which is really interesting! For example, arms held up if they want to be picked up, or handing me a toy that they want me to turn on or operate for them. I was so surprised the day that I was daydreaming away and suddenly Jack said ‘mama’ and handed me a toy he wanted me to turn on! ‘Mama’ and ‘dada’ are the only words they have so far, but they’re managing to communicate so much to us in other ways.


Another surprise came after Jack brought Tom one of his slippers, because when Tom said ‘can I have the other one please Jack’, Jack looked around, located the other slipper and brought it to him! Before that we had no idea that they understood what we were saying to them, but it quickly became apparent that the twins are increasingly understanding the vocabulary around them. Just yesterday Jack was playing with a hat so I said ‘can you put it on your head?’ and he did! (unfortunately not in a way that you would wear it, but just sitting on top of his head)


The physical developments are still ongoing though, and I’m really noticing an improvement in co-ordination, or to use a fancy term, fine motor control. They love to put things in things, e.g. bricks in cardboard tubes or containers, and take them out again. They’re also starting to construct rather than just destroy everything – they can now stack beakers into a tower and put the odd duplo brick together. I’m looking forward to the time when they start building things properly!


Trips to the park are pretty difficult now and I generally only attempt them when I’ve got the energy. The main issue is that Isobel just wants to run off the whole time. If I had two Jacks I think it would be a lot easier! He’s still slower than her at moving around but also generally more interested in the playground equipment whereas she just wants to run around. I’ve had to stop going to the playground in the park nearest to us because Isobel keeps running out of it down the path. We went to a playground on our estate yesterday which was better but the twins both shunned the playground equipment and just wanted to climb up and down the steps – with Mummy’s help of course…


They are at such a cute age at the moment though, with their baby talk and the way they interact with each other. Sometimes they play a game where they run at each other, laugh and run away again, and then repeat this many times! So sweet! It’s lovely that they always have each other around to play with. Oh, and Isobel’s dancing is the cutest thing ever!


I can’t wait to see what new things they get up to next :)

Thanks for reading!


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