Hong Kong Museum of History

I’m not someone who has a huge interest in museums, so I have to admit that the Hong Kong Museum of History is the only one I’ve been to in Hong Kong! But I’ve been 3 times already, so that has to say something.

Firstly, it’s really cheap! It costs HK$10 (approx. £0.80) for a full price ticket, and there are concessions for students, the elderly and disabled people. It’s also normally pretty quiet, we’ve never had to queue to get in, even on a weekend.

But actually the main reason I like it is because it’s just a really interesting museum. There are very few artefacts in glass cases, instead the whole museum re-creates different eras of Hong Kong’s history with life size exhibits, including a forest, temple, a whole street full of buildings and even a tram! It’s a really interesting way to learn about Hong Kong’s history, and there are lots of informative boards throughout. Plus there are quite a few video rooms where you can sit and watch an informative film about the era that has been recreated around you.

It’s also a really large museum. After a couple of hours, we inevitably end up rushing through the last few exhibitions because we’re hungry or need to be somewhere else. So you really feel like you’re getting your HK$10 worth!

Here are a few photos (apologies for the photo quality, the lighting in the museum wasn’t the best):


The Chueng Chau bun tower (with me in the foreground)


Lion dance costumes and temples


Colonial building and cannon


Traditional style Hong Kong cafe


And a tram! (without advertising – I think this may have been the first time I realised they were actually green)

I hope that’s given you a flavour of what the Hong Kong Museum of History is like. It’s a nice way to while away a hot or wet day! If you want more details, they are available on the website here.

Have you been to any other museums in Hong Kong? What did you think? Maybe I’ll check some others out over the hot summer!

Thanks for reading!


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