Hong Kong Wetland Park

The Hong Kong Wetland Park was recommended to us a long time ago but we only finally got round to going over Chinese New Year. And I’m glad that we did – it was lovely and best of all, totally stroller friendly!

The easiest way to get to the Wetland Park is to take the MTR to Tin Shui Wai, and then take the light rail no. 705 to Tin Sau (which is surprisingly a bit closer to the entrance of the Wetland Park than the Wetland Park station!). From there it’s just a short well-signposted walk through a tunnel to the Wetland Park.

At the entrance of the Wetland Park are some lovely bird-inspired sculptures and an artificial hill over the visitor centre, which I’m told has great views over the park, but we didn’t go up. It’s pretty cheap to go in the park, HK$30 for adults and HK$15 for children over 3 (under 3’s are free). For more information, go to the Wetland Park website.


Once inside, you can go round the visitor centre (but we didn’t so I can’t tell you what it’s like!) or just head straight out. The first thing you come to is a crocodile! He’s called Pui Pui and was thought to have been released into a nearby river by someone who had him as a pet until he got too big. Apparently it took a long time to capture him, but a team from the Wetland Park finally managed it and decided to give him a home.


The park itself is really nicely arranged with paths and boardwalks all over to explore the different areas of the wetlands. And there are also lots and lots of information boards if you want to learn all about what you are looking at! Some areas are more open with clear water, while others are more boggy with plants.


There are some landscaped parts which illustrate the different types of wetland.


And some lovely flora, such as these pretty water lilies.


Isobel and Jack enjoyed running around on the boardwalks! Some of them are nicely enclosed so they are pretty safe.


The twins also spent a LONG time running in and out of an exhibition on mudsinkers, so we ended up knowing quite a bit about them, and were quite surprised later on when we saw loads of them squirming around in the mud! They look very primitive, and were very active – especially in fighting each other off their little bit of mud.

hong_kong_wetland_park_mudsinkers zoom

We also spent a good hour relaxing in a grassy area with benches. Our picnic lunch had been eaten long before (there are benches throughout the park), but we had a snack and played for a while – it was really nice. You don’t find many stretches of grass in Hong Kong!

We didn’t see a huge number of birds, although there were a few flying around most of the time. We didn’t go in any of the hides though, we thought the twins would be too noisy and scare any birds off! This was the view from the visitor centre on the way out – it was definitely the most birds we’d seen all day! (you might have to look closely – they’re in the distance!)


We ended up spending something like 4 hours in the Wetland Park and really enjoyed it. There is lots of space for kids to run around and lots of things to see and do. As I already mentioned, it’s really flat and very stroller friendly. The only bit we couldn’t go on with the stroller was one boardwalk that was too narrow.

It’s also pretty easy to get to, and is lovely and open. I couldn’t help but smile though because if you look one way, you just see sky and countryside but if you turn around, you see the residential towers of Tin Shui Wai! You can’t easily escape them in Hong Kong!


Thanks for reading!


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4 thoughts on “Hong Kong Wetland Park

  1. Great minds think alike… I visited the Wetland Park over Easter and am about to blog about it too! We went on a hot and sunny day and it was way toooo busy. Just people everywhere and hardly any birds. I guess we have to come back on a quiet weekday to make the most of it!

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