Candid Hong Kong – wine cellar

Not long after Tom and I moved to Hong Kong, we were given a wine tasting experience as a gift by a relative. The wine tasting took place at 8th Estate, Hong Kong’s only winery, which is located right at the bottom end of Ap Lei Chau. Imagine our surprise when we walked through a fairly grim industrial estate, up a dirty maintenance lift and came out into this:


The winery sources grapes from vineyards in many locations around the world, flash freezes them and then transports them to Hong Kong to make into wine. The theory is that transporting wine affects the flavour, so it is better to make it and sell it in the same place. I’m not sure that I could discern any difference in flavour, but it was very nice wine!

Unfortunately the winery is currently closed for tasting events, but if it opens up again it’s definitely worth checking out for a very different ‘Hong Kong’ experience!

Thanks for reading!


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