New clustered beads necklaces

I’ve got a thing about clusters of small beads at the moment – I just think they look so pretty! If you remember, I made some Christmas decorations which were rings of clustered beads last year. I’ve been working on and off on some necklaces using this clustered bead technique for ages, and I’ve finally got them up in the Little Koo Etsy shop!

The central part of each necklace is made from small beads wrapped around a stiff wire semi-circle, hung on a sterling silver chain. These designs have a little sparkle from the clear Swarovski crystals interspersed with pearls, gemstones and tiny gold seed bead accents. So far, this necklace is available in two colours – mint green and pale pink. The mint green design features amazonite beads, while the pale pink design uses strawberry quartz.

The amazonite necklace can be found here

Mint green amazonite crystal and pearl cluster necklace - Little Koo

…while the strawberry quartz necklace can be found here.

Pale pink strawberry quartz crystal and pearl cluster necklace - Little Koo

I’m thinking of making some earrings to match, so watch this space!

What do you think? Is this a style that you like too? Would you like to see this design in a different colour?

Thanks for reading!


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4 thoughts on “New clustered beads necklaces

  1. Hi Rachel,
    I really love your creations! Thank you for sharing them with us!!
    I just wanted to ask you where you buy your jewellery findings from? I’ve also been to Sham Shui Po but most of the clasps and jump rings, etc just fall apart. The quality is so poor. Do you buy your supplies online? Would you be able to pint me in the right direction?
    Thanks in advance,
    Gin (also a mum of twins living in Sai Kung) 😊

    • Thanks so much! I do have to admit that I buy a lot of my findings online, but if I need something quickly there is one shop that I would use in sham shui po, it’s on yu chau street, and it’s yellow outside and says in big letters that it sells sterling silver components. I can’t remember the name but I can look it up if you’d like. I hope that’s useful!

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