Candid Hong Kong – Chinese New Year horse cakes

Bakeries are everywhere in Hong Kong – perfect for someone like me with a sweet tooth! Someone suggested to me that it might be due to a Japanese influence, since bakeries are also very popular there. Either way, I found it quite surprising when we first moved here because baked goods aren’t the first thing you think of when you’re thinking of Asian cuisine! Some of the yummy goods on offer are more Asian in style, such as red bean buns and egg tarts, but there are many things that you would see in a western bakery, such as raisin bread and croissants.

Some bakeries like to have cakes that reflect special events that are going on. These horse-shaped buns were available at Chinese New Year last year to celebrate the Year of the Horse! I have to admit I didn’t try one, but I thought they were really fun!

150728 Candid Hong Kong horse cakes

Thanks for reading!


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