Hong Kong Pinterest board

I got into Pinterest at the end of last year and I have to admit I love it! The news feed is a bit like my blog feed but with a million times more posts to look at! You can really get sucked in and spend ages looking at beautiful pictures…

I know some people use Pinterest as a social media tool but I (mostly) use it to store links that I’m genuinely interested in into a useful set of places (i.e. my Pinterest boards). Ok, so there seem to be a LOT of links I’m genuinely interested in – and I have to admit that I’m probably not going to get round to trying all those recipes I’ve pinned!

But I thought that you lovely readers who (hopefully) enjoy reading my posts about Hong Kong might like to see some of the other interesting posts that I’ve pinned onto my Hong Kong Pinterest board. So click on the link to see such interesting posts as:

What to do on a rainy day on Hong Kong Island?

Top Happy Hour bars in Hong Kong

Secret Hong Kong Islands

16 best things to do in Hong Kong with kids

…and much, much more!

This is what the board looks like:

Hong Kong Pinterest board

I also have a separate board with every Little Koo Hong Kong post, called Little Koo’s Guide to Hong Kong – take a look to see if there are any good posts you’ve missed!

Btw if, like me, you are also a Pinterest lover, you can check out the rest of my boards here :)

Thanks for reading!



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