Mid-autumn lantern festival in Victoria Park

Before I moved to Hong Kong, I had never heard of the Mid-Autumn Festival, but it seems to be a pretty special one. It is traditionally a time when families get together and give thanks for the harvest, each other and their blessings. It is often celebrated with lanterns and by eating mooncakes. I had my first proper mooncake this week (I’ve had ice cream ones before!) and it wasn’t bad but I have to admit I don’t understand what the fuss is about!

One of the main attractions of the Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong is the Lantern Festival in Victoria Park. We last went in 2012 (and I wrote about it in 2013) but we thought we’d go again this year now the twins are big enough to enjoy the lanterns. This year the Mid-Autumn Festival was on 27th September, but the Lantern Festival ran from the 23rd to the 28th. We went on Saturday 26th, and arrived early at around 6.30pm so it wasn’t too busy when we were there. (On the day of Mid-Autumn Festival, the Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance is extended to Victoria Park, so I assume it would be really busy then!)

Victoria Park Lantern Festival 2015

The twins did enjoy running around and looking at the lanterns a bit, but maybe not as much as we were hoping! But I quite enjoyed it myself. There was no major centrepiece like there was in 2012 and 2013 (I don’t know about last year) which was a bit of a shame, but I felt like there were more lanterns on display overall than when we went in 2012.

Hong Kong mid autumn festival lanterns

This was my favourite – in the shape of people dressed up for a Lion dance! (I’m not sure what the cabbage in the middle is about though…)

Mid Autumn festival - dragon dance lantern


This stylised version of the Tai Hang Fire Dragon was also pretty cool:

Fire dragon lantern

I think that maybe they had a broad theme of ’round the world’? There were definitely different types of people…

People lanterns - Victoria Park 2015

Chinese lady lantern - mid Autumn festival 2015

…and animals too

Animal lanterns - Hong Kong 2015

Isobel couldn’t resist touching the elephant!

Toddler touching an elephant lantern

These pandas were also pretty cute!

Mid Autumn festival 2015 - panda lantern

So that was our little trip to the Lantern Festival. Did you go? What did you think of it? Or did you do something else to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival? I’d love to hear what you got up to!

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One thought on “Mid-autumn lantern festival in Victoria Park

  1. Oh wow, that looks nice. Great that you’ve made it to the lantern festival, it seems the two little ones enjoyed it. We were not in town otherwise we would have gone too! Lovely pics btw.

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