The twins turn 2! (and have a picnic)

So, as I mentioned in my last post, October was a very busy month for me – and the main reason was because it was the twins’ 2nd birthday! We were so lucky to have all their grandparents visiting in different parts of October, overlapping for the birthday itself. It’s always great to see the twins with their grandparents since they don’t get to see them very often – but they still love them lots!

For the birthday itself, we all took a trip to Ocean Park. We’ve never been before, but we thought that it would be a good time to go now that the twins are old enough to take an interest in the animals. They had a great time, and actually we all did. Ocean Park is massive and although we spent most of the day there, we didn’t see half of the park itself. For a start, we only saw the animals, we didn’t even go on any of the rides (unless taking the cable car down counts as a ride!). Anyway, here are a few picture of the day:

Looking at the fish in the aquarium


One little monkey looking at another little monkey…


Riding the cable car


“Posing” with some fake food


And lastly, my favourite part, and definitely Jack’s (we could barely prise him away) – this panda was enjoying a large bamboo lunch in full view of everyone. So exciting to see!

The next day was the day of the twins’ birthday party. After having seen how elaborate these things can get, I opted for the relatively simple option of a picnic in the park! I knew that the weather in October is generally good so I thought it would be a good shout. I invited a bunch of their little friends, as well as some bigger family friends, and the grandparents all came along too.

Jack & Isobel 2nd birthday party invitation

I picked Tamar Park as the location since it has a lovely open area of grass and is nice and central for everyone to get to (I would have picked Jordan Valley Park if I could have because it has both grass and a great children’s playground but I don’t think anyone would have come – it’s so far away!). It worked out really well, especially as the party started early enough that I was able to grab a nice big bit of shade – it turned out to be a pretty hot day but it was dry (unlike the usual humidity of summer) so it was very pleasant in the shade. I bought some party hats, bubbles, balls and other party things, and there was loads of food (thanks so much to everyone who brought something) so it was the recipe for a great time.




Whilst I love baking, I am very inexperienced when it comes to cake decorating! So after having looked a bit on the internet for easy birthday cake ideas, I came across this great tortoise/turtle cake. The kids love looking at the turtles in the park here, so I had to do it! The recipe is actually a cupcake cake (which I don’t really understand at all, although my view of them is tainted by the number of terrible ones on Cake Wrecks!) but instead I made a normal round chocolate cake and five cupcakes (I made enough batter for 3 layers of the round cake and used it to make two layers of the round cake and the rest went into the cupcakes) and made the turtle that way. I think my piping technique needs some work but he didn’t come out too badly!


And the twins enjoyed blowing out the candles and everyone enjoyed eating it, so that was the main thing :)


So, congratulations to my beautiful twins! We made it through two years relatively unscathed, let’s hope the terrible twos aren’t too bad…

Thanks for reading!



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