Snoopy’s World, Sha Tin

Snoopy’s World is one of those Hong Kong attractions that isn’t that high on most people’s lists of things to visit, but since we’ve done all the big things now we thought we’d give it a try! My mum was visiting us at the time, and she is a big Peanuts fan so it was a good time to go.

To sum it up, Snoopy’s World isn’t very big. It is basically a small playground with a range of Peanuts-related displays. But it is free, and that also includes a free boat ride! If you have small children and are looking to kill an hour or so, you could do far worse. (This website also has a very thorough review of Snoopy’s World, but it does liken it to Disneyland and Ocean Park, which I think is going a bit far!)

The easiest way to get to Snoopy’s World is to take the MTR to Sha Tin. Leave the MTR station through the mall, and keep walking straight until you get to the end of the mall. There are signs to guide you, but in case you miss them, you just need to exit the mall on the left hand end and it’s right there. This sight will greet you so you know you’re in the right place!

Entrance to Snoopy World Hong Kong

The park opens at 11.00am. We thought it was earlier so we had to hang around for a while to wait until it opened (always fun with small children). However, the boat ride doesn’t open until 12pm, so I’d recommend you get there shortly before 12, or just wait until the afternoon to go!

Once inside, our children headed straight for the big yellow bus.

Yellow bus Snoopys World Hong Kong

It was fun to climb inside, turn the steering wheel and run around inside it, although there’s nothing else to do once you are inside.


The whole area is dotted with life size Peanuts figures. I’m not sure if you’re meant to climb on them (probably not, knowing Hong Kong) but the twins both enjoyed interacting with them.


Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Lucy

Charlie Brown Snoopy World Sha Tin

The whole Peanuts gang (plus two small extras)

Peanuts gang statues Hong Kong

Something to do with a school(?)

Peanuts school Snoopy World Shatin

There was also a pretty impressive climbing frame but because the ground was slightly damp from some rainfall the night before, the park attendants kept this area shut *sigh*

Playground at Snoopy World

The boat ride is the real highlight, and I’ve heard it can get pretty busy at weekends and public holidays. Even on a random weekday, we had to queue for about 10 minutes for it. It’s very short, but I’m very impressed that it was free! You just get in a little boat (2 people max. per boat, and that includes small people) and go round a loop, passing by different Peanuts scenes. It only lasts about 5 minutes but it’s quite fun. The twins loved it!

Boat ride at Snoopy World

These are a couple of the things you see on your way round:

Boat ride scene Snoopy World Sha Tin

Boat ride scene Snoopy World Shatin

So there you are, if you have young children and Sha Tin isn’t too difficult for you to get to, Snoopy’s World is a nice little trip out. We’ll definitely go back, the twins really enjoyed the bus and the boat ride. You probably won’t need to spend more than an hour or so there though.

Thanks for reading!



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