Mong Kok flower market at Chinese New Year

Last Thursday I headed over to Flower Market Road in Mong Kok with a Cantonese friend of mine to take a look at the Chinese New Year decorations and flowers. Chinese people like to decorate their houses with plants and flowers for Chinese New Year so these markets are very popular. (The biggest one is a temporary one in Victoria Park which I visited a few years ago) Even on a Thursday morning it was pretty busy and I think it gets busier and busier the closer you get to Chinese New Year.


The shops generally have some plants out on the street but this time the street displays were much bigger and were solely made up of the types of plants and flowers that are associated with Chinese New Year, such as peach blossom, orchids, lilies and a whole raft of flowers that I didn’t know the names of.


There were also some plants which are not native to China and have to be imported from places like Europe, such as daffodils and hyacinths.


The market was also extended into a courtyard off Flower Market Road. There were so many stalls to choose from!


Some of the stalls had decorated plants as part of their display.


My friend told me that married people shouldn’t have peach blossoms in their house, it should only be single people looking for love and those who are about to get married. I didn’t know that!


These bright yellow fruit are everywhere too. I was so confused about them the first time I saw them! They look a bit like lemons but have these weird protrusions. My friend told me that Chinese people like them because they look like gold, but you can’t eat them. Jack was certainly curious too!


Isobel was kind enough to pose for me by some flowers – a very rare thing! This is the best photo I’ve had of her for months.


At about midday it started get very busy and we started getting hungry so we headed home. It was a fun morning, and nice to see the build up to Chinese New Year!

Thanks for reading!


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