Candid Hong Kong – The Birds

Every fortnight week I share a photo that shows a little insight into Hong Kong life. Sometimes they are things that made me smile, classic Hong Kong sights or just really unusual things.

I was waiting for a bus at the Tsim Sha Tsui star ferry terminal one day and I happened to look up and see this sight. In case you can’t tell from the photo, there are lots and lots of pigeons sheltering in the beams of this covered area. I don’t feel like there are as many pigeons in Hong Kong as in many other big cities (or anywhere vaguely urban in the UK) but I’ve started noticing them more recently so I don’t know if they are on the rise. The birds I have seen most commonly here are tiny sparrows, which apparently are becoming more rare in the UK. There are also some very noisy cockatoos living in Happy Valley – I used to hear them a lot when I lived there!

160524 Candid Hong Kong roosting pigeons


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One thought on “Candid Hong Kong – The Birds

  1. In the UK that would be covered in pigeon spikes to try and prevent them roosting. We actually had a CAD drawing of a pigeon to use on engineering drawings for schemes involving installing retro fit pigeon spikes to bridges in the place I used to work. Engineers know how to make their own fun… ;)

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