Hong Kong Heritage Museum Children’s Gallery

In search of something to do on a playdate with our kids, a friend of mine suggested the Heritage Museum in Sha Tin. I’d not been before so we agreed to go and we all had a really nice morning there!

Firstly, it’s very cheap, only HK$10 (approx. £0.80) for adults and free for under 4’s so that’s always a good start (and like all museums in Hong Kong, it’s free on a Wednesday but we went on a different day). Sadly, my friend drove us so I can’t tell you how to get there! But this page on the museum’s website looks like it will do that for me :)

I have to admit that we didn’t see most of the museum, we just headed to the Children’s Gallery on the ground floor and stayed there for the morning. It’s not a huge area but they have packed a lot in and if you have older children (mine are only 2 years old!) then they could genuinely learn a lot. But even at the age of 2, my twins enjoyed looking at all the different exhibits, playing with the more hands-on ones and generally running around. It was really quiet too and we were the only people in there for most of the time we were there.

A large part of the main room was devoted to learning about local wildlife and habitats.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum Childrens Gallery

The twins enjoyed being able to look inside the fish tank!


And this exhibit which involved posting plastic coins through slots and watching them roll down was a really big hit. But I can’t remember what the point was!


Behind the main room was a toy museum with lots of toys from previous decades on display.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum Toy Museum

There was a large game on the floor to play with (checkers?) where our children enjoyed collecting up the pieces to make towers! There were also some educational electronic games to play with which my kids enjoyed pressing the buttons on.


And that all kept us busy for a couple of hours! So, if you’re looking for a nice indoor activity for you and your kids (great for the hot summer!) then why not pass a morning at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum Children’s Gallery? You never know, you might learn something too!

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One thought on “Hong Kong Heritage Museum Children’s Gallery

  1. Agreed – it’s a fun place for kids to explore, especially as the museum is very kids-friendly. There is a nursing room with two changing tables on the ground floor and the Alchemist Mail cafe has a number of high chairs (and great food too!).

    It is a fair bit of walking distance from the MTR (10-15 minutes through the shopping mall maze) but you can stop in the park across the museum – there is a big playground too.

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