Hong Kong Government posters

One thing that surprised me when I first lived in Hong Kong was the amount of advice there was on the street, on buses and in the MTR. I feel like people are told a bit less what to do in the UK, or maybe there are just different ways to disseminate information!

One of the first ones I noticed was in some toilets, giving the correct etiquette for washing your hands. This worried me a bit that people don’t know how to do this! But Hong Kong is very preoccupied with hygiene after the SARS outbreak in 2003. Following a similar theme, there are lots of posters around about what to do when you cough:

Hong Kong maintain cough manners poster

Sometimes posters are more about looking after making sure that people look out for themselves and others, such as watching out for thieves (although Hong Kong is one of the lowest crime cities I’ve ever been to!)…

Hong Kong beware of thieves poster

…or being careful when it gets hot in summer…

…or being careful on escalators (these ones are everywhere!)

Hong Kong escalator safety poster

Posters are also used to inform the general public about new schemes, such as the plastic bag charge…

Hong Kong shopping bag charge poster

…or slightly less well-known, the penalty for the late payment of wages

Hong Kong government employer poster

But this is my favourite one of all, as seen on an ATM machine, urging the user keep their integrity intact and not to steal any money that may have been left behind by accident!

Hong Kong keep your integrity notice

I hope all these exhortations have a good effect on the citizens of Hong Kong :)

Thanks for reading!


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