Candid Hong Kong – not so appetising seafood

Every fortnight week I share a photo that shows a little insight into Hong Kong life. Sometimes they are things that made me smile, classic Hong Kong sights or just really unusual things.

Tom mentioned in his recent blog post about Chinese food that seafood that seems to us Brits to be a bit weird features quite highly in high end Cantonese restaurants, and many less high end ones too! Things like abalone do not appeal to me at all, but the ones pictured below have to be among the least appetising things I’ve ever seen. They are called geoduck, and I’d never even heard of it before we came to Hong Kong but it’s available everywhere here. These ones are in a fish market waiting to be sold but you can also see them in some restaurants’ seafood displays (like this one here). I never tried it and I hope I never do!

160809 Candid Hong Kong geoduck

Thanks for reading!


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