Ma On Shan Promenade

If you’re looking for an easy, flat (and stroller friendly) walk to pass an afternoon, then Ma On Shan promenade may well fit the bill. I’ve done this walk a couple of times with my kids and the views are lovely. However, it is very exposed so I’d recommend avoiding this walk in the height of summer!

The Ma On Shan promenade stretches from Tai Shui Hang all the way up to Ma On Shan itself. We’ve only done the walk this way round because it then finishes at a park and by a lot of restaurants but you could do it the other way too! To start at Tai Shui Hang, take the MTR to Tai Shui Hang station and leave at exit A (I think, Google Maps isn’t very clear!). Turn right out of the subway, take the first left down Hi Tai Street, then walk one block and cross Ning Tai Road to reach the start of the promenade. It should look something like this:

Ma On Shan promenade at Tai Shui Hang

Looking across the water you are greeted with this view down the river estuary towards Sha Tin:

Sha Tin from Tai Shui Hang

(apologies for the gloomy pictures, it obviously wasn’t a sunny day!)

Turn right and start walking! Along the way you come to a little playground, which kept my children amused for quite some time…

Ma On Shan promenade playground

…and about halfway along there is also a handy set of public toilets.

The view changes as you walk along. As you near the end of the estuary, you are greeted with views across the Tolo harbour to Tai Po…

Tolo Harbour and Tai Po

…and then as you round the corner towards the end of your walk you are facing the Seven Sisters and at the end of them the dam across Plover Cove reservoir (which can just about be seen behind the sailing boat).

Plover Cove reservoir dam

The promenade itself doesn’t change much:

Ma On Shan promenade

Keep going until you come to a large park, which is Ma On Shan Park. If your children have the energy by this point, there are lots of things for them to do in this park. Or you might want to just sit and enjoy it for a bit!

Cross through the park and take the nearby bridge across On Chun Street to reach a shopping mall where you can grab some food or just head home from Ma On Shan MTR.

If you like the idea of a promenade walk but Ma On Shan is too far to go, then I can also recommend the promenade along the waterfront from Tai Koo to Sai Wan Ho on Hong Kong Island. There are a couple of nice stops along the way, such as Quarry Bay Park and Fireboat Alexander Grantham, and you can finish your walk at one of the restaurants in Soho East!

I hope these have given you some ideas for easy short trips!

Thanks for reading!




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