Jumping around with toddlers at Ryze trampoline park

I know I’m very slow to jump on the trampoline park bandwagon (see what I did there?!) but earlier this year I took my toddlers to Ryze trampoline park in Quarry Bay and we had such a great time! Ryze have an under 6’s session between 9am and 10am on weekdays, and my friend took her daughter and said they were the only ones in there so we went along and the same thing happened to us both times we went! It’s great having a trampoline park all to yourselves :)

For those who don’t know, the trampoline park is basically a large room with lots of trampolines in like this:

Ryze trampoline park Hong Kong

And there are also areas with lots of foam blocks in that you can jump/fall into:

Ryze trampoline park Quarry Bay

My twins were two and a half when we went, and they mostly liked to jump around to the loud Disney music that was playing!

Ryze with toddlers



(Excuse the blurry photos, those children jump fast!)

They were unsurprisingly pretty tired afterwards, and so was I! I can’t lie, I had so much fun jumping around myself too. I can see why trampoline parks are so popular!

Have you been? What did you think? I would totally recommend it, especially if you have small children and can get there for the under 6s session.

Thanks for reading!


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