Correct spelling in Hong Kong

I’ve mentioned several times on this blog how good the level of English is in Hong Kong (although I did point out a few of the idiosyncrasies that I saw here), but on my travels around Hong Kong I’ve noticed a few times where the English has been not-so-good, but then corrected! I like to think that those Hong Kongers who do have excellent English may enjoy pointing out mistakes where they see them :)

This first example was on a sign next to some roadworks. The pedestrian crossing had temporary lights on, so the sign is telling pedestrians to take note of where to cross. I had a little chuckle the first time I saw the sign because the English wasn’t right, but clearly someone was on the case and the next time I saw it, this had happened:


Another example is on a restaurant sign in Jordan. I have to admit that it looks like I’ve photoshopped this picture, but it is a genuine photo – someone has stuck the A and the T onto the sign to correct it. Clearly someone didn’t use spellchecker when making the original sign…


I’m sure the Hong Kong English language police are keeping their beady eyes open for any other signs they can correct!

Thanks for reading!


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