Little Koo blog posts now on GPSMyCity!

I am very excited to announce that some of my Hong Kong and travel articles will soon be available through the GPSMyCity app!

GPSMyCity is a new type of travel app which really takes into account the needs of travellers. For a start, it has a massive free catalogue of high quality travel articles written by a great team of bloggers, covering over 700 cities worldwide. The articles are easy to search and download, making them invaluable for planning your travel.

However, there is another benefit of this app, because it takes into account the fact that once you are on your travels you may not have ready access to data on your phone (without racking up a massive phone bill). For a small fee you can upgrade your favourite travel article to become a GPS-guided article. This means that the place (or places) listed in the article are downloaded to an offline map, and you are guided there using your phone’s GPS, which doesn’t use data. No more getting lost!

There are two ways to access article apps on your IOS device. You can either click on the link at the end of a blog post that has been turned into an app (if you haven’t already downloaded the free GPSMyCity app you will be prompted to do so). Or, once you have the GPSMyCity app, you can browse by city to see what articles are available. You can then download the article for free or upgrade for offline use and GPS tracking.

And as a little incentive to check out the app, my following two articles will be available for free upgrades through GPSMyCity for one week (until Sunday 20th November 2016):

Eating Chinese Food in Hong Kong

multi coloured xiao long bao at paradise dynasty


A Weekend in Guangzhou

Guangzhou Opera House

To get your free upgraded app you need to click on the link for the article(s) you are interested in. Then follow the instructions to download the GPSMyCity app. You will then be taken to the page for the article app – click on Upgrade and the app will be automatically linked to an offline map and the GPS navigator.

Please also check out my other articles currently available on GPSMyCity!

Places to Visit – Chiang Mai

Xi’an – More than just the Terracotta Warriors

Places to Visit – Hoi An, Vietnam

Note: when you pay to upgrade one of my articles I will receive a small commission

Thanks for reading!



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