Handmade Hong Kong Christmas Fair – in review

The next Handmade Hong Kong (HMHK) Sunday Market is this Sunday (11th January) in Discovery Bay, and Little Koo will be there with another stall! Come by and say hi!

Handmade Hong Kong Sunday Markets 2015

HMHK put on some great fairs, I really enjoyed the last Sunday Market I did in December. One highlight for me was a lady who loved a pair of my earrings (these ones) so much that she put them on straight away after she bought them!

Also. there were so many wonderful stalls around me. I ended buying a few things myself! Here are some of my favourites:

Longjungleee – this was the stall next to mine. The jewellery is all handmade from dried flowers set in resin. It was so pretty that I bought a pair of earrings for myself!

Lostjunglee - Handmade Hong Kong Fair

hejöl – a beautiful display of pretty candles in lovely shapes and colours

hejol - Handmade Hong Kong Fair

Ashwan – so many bright colourful Turkish hand-painted ceramics!

Ashwan - Handmade Hong Kong Fair

SAPH+ workshop – this stall certainly attracted a lot of attention with their range of unique shoes

SAPH+ Workshop - Handmade Hong Kong Fair

Felted – fun food of all kinds beautifully made from felt!

Felted - Handmade Hong Kong Fair

And some others I didn’t get photos of…

For all the knitters out there, knit purl crochet have a great range of handknit yarns

Beautiful cheongsam-style dresses for girls in modern fabrics from Dragonfly Girls

And finally, a special mention to a stall selling fun totes with cartoons of classic Hong Kong imagery such as fish balls! It was run by some teenage boys who didn’t really understand why I wanted to take a photo of their wares. I took a leaflet and afterwards realised that the bags were designed by teenagers attending GoGetters school from the St Stephen’s Society, which aims to keep young people off the streets and help with their education. The bags were really cool, I regret not buying one! If they’re at this Sunday’s fair I’m definitely buying one this time!

So I hope that’s helped to whet your appetite for the next HMHK fair this Sunday. If you’re in Hong Kong, why not pop over to Discovery Bay and check it out?!

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Bead stash busting

Recently I looked over at my ever growing pile of beads and decided to challenge myself to create new designs using only materials that I already owned. Have you ever done this? It could be called bead stash busting! I have loads of pretty beads and it seems a shame not to use them, in fact some of them have never been used in designs at all before now.

In order to help inspiration to strike, I took a few beads of each type and mixed them up together. This was actually really useful as it helped me to see how beads look next to one another and which beads go with which. I also realised that I have two main colour palettes – pinks and blues/greens! Maybe I need to branch out…

Random mix of beads

Anyway, after a fun couple of evenings playing around with beads, these are the finished designs. I’m really pleased with them! I think they may make their way into my Etsy shop soon :)

These designs are made with jewel coloured crystals:

Little Koo - Purple crystal earrings

Little Koo - Blue crystal earrings

Little Koo - Jewel coloured crystal necklace

These ones are in pretty pastel mint and pink, with pearls:

Little Koo - Mint crystal and pearl earrings

Little Koo - Mint crystal and pearl necklace

Little Koo - Pink crystal and pearl earrings

Little Koo - Pink crystal and pearl necklace

And finally, a couple of random designs, firstly one that reminds me of Arabic style patterns. I think I may make a necklace of this design too!

Little Koo - Cushion style earrings

And some fun drop earrings with large sparkly goldstone beads at the bottom:

Little Koo - Blue goldstone earrings

What do you think? I hope you like these designs!

Have you ever tried challenging yourself like this? I think you could do stash busting with all sorts of craft supplies. They really build up!

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HMHK Sunday Market – this Sunday

I enjoyed last year’s Handmade Hong Kong Sunday Markets at Discovery Bay so much that I’ve signed up for more this year! The first is this Sunday, 11am-6pm. Please come and say hi if you come along!

The last market before Christmas that I took part in was literally a washout! It rained pretty much the whole day, which made it a pretty unpleasant experience and sales were particularly slow (I was hoping for lots of shoppers buying last minute Christmas presents!). The forecast for this Sunday doesn’t look too great so I’ll be praying that it stays dry!

Handmade Hong Kong Discovery Bay Sunday Markets 2014

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Custom necklace – wreath style pendant

After seeing my bead soup blog post which featured a wreath style pendant necklace, I was asked to create a custom version for a client. The bead soup version was very large (about 5cm across) so I scaled it down to a more wearable size (about 2.5cm across) using different beads but keeping the colour scheme the same. I also added in some AB crystal bicones for a bit of sparkle!

What do you think to the finished design?




Thanks for reading!

Handmade card tutorial – people letters

This is a card that I have hand drawn and made in a few different designs over the years but this is the latest incarnation, which I made for my mother-in-law’s birthday earlier this year.

People letters birthday card

As you can see, it is very simple in construction – I drew the letters out first in pencil and then turned each one into 1 or 2 people shapes. I went over the pencil outlines in black pen, erased the pencil and then coloured in the clothes with felt tip pens. I think it’s quite effective!

If you don’t want to draw the people yourself, here are a couple of versions for you to print onto a card blank. The first is black and white so you can colour in the people yourself, and the second is already coloured – for if you are feeling REALLY lazy!

People birthday letters - outline

People birthday letters

Please let me know if you try your own people letters. I really enjoy seeing other people’s creations and how different they can be even when based around the same idea!

Thanks for reading!


Handmade too-cute-to-be-true felt baby shoes!

When I saw this tutorial for felt baby shoes on The Purl Bee, I knew I had to give it a go. They are so cute! Two of my friends had babies a couple of months ago, so I thought they would make great (albeit slightly late) presents for them.

Handmade felt baby shoes

By the way, The Purl Bee is a blog with a whole load of great sewing, kitting and crochet tutorials (with links to buy the materials from their shop, Purl Soho). I want to make almost everything I see on there! Unfortunately I need to learn to sew, knit and crochet first…

Anyway, click here for the tutorial for the baby shoes. They were ridiculously easy to make and took a sewing novice like me about an hour and a half to make a pair. The tutorial is so good that I don’t even have any tips to add! It tells you everything you need to know.

Felt baby shoes red

The only difference between my shoes and theirs is that I didn’t read the materials list carefully enough and I bought normal 6-stranded embroidery thread, rather than the different type that they recommend. I used 3 strands to sew my shoes, and it seems to have worked ok!

Felt baby shoes stitching

Here are my finished shoes. They should fit a 3 month old baby. Luckily my friends’ babies are both quite small as they were born a few weeks early so I’m hoping that they’ll receive the shoes before the babies are too big for them!

Hand sewn felt baby shoes

I think I may have to buy some more felt and make some for my own little ones when they are born…

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Hand decorated jam jar luminaries

This is another project that was inspired by an Etsy shop (like my froebel star mobile) – this time the shop is LITdecor, which has a wide range of beautiful Moroccan style decorated jars and other glassware, such as these:

LITdecor Moroccan mason jars

I thought ‘how hard can it be?!’ and saved up some pasta sauce jars to use for this project. I found it hard to find 3D glass paint in Hong Kong, but I eventually stumbled upon these pens and I thought they might do! (they claim that the paint puffs up when you heat it with a hairdryer but when I tried them on paper they didn’t do anything! Luckily I quite like the texture of the paint as it is)

Amos Puffy Paint Pens

Unfortunately, when I came to try out the pens (which are more like small tubes), I found it very difficult to draw lines and patterns with them – the paint just comes out far too unevenly. So I had to abandon my dreams of beautiful henna style patterns and go for something much more simple using spots and dots! I am still quite pleased with how they came out but they are nowhere near as impressive as those on LITdecor.

Hand decorated jars

Hand decorated luminaries

Hand painted mason jars

I like the reflections on the table at night :)

Hand painted candle jars

I don’t think I need to add a tutorial here, I literally just drew on the jars with the pens and added some ribbon round the top (stuck on with double-sided sticky tape). I kept the tea lights in place inside with blu tak. I found it easiest to draw on the jars when they were upside-down as it allows easier access to the bottom end of the jars, although it can still be quite tricky for more complex designs (I tried something and abandoned it because it looked really messy and uneven!). I really don’t know how she manages to draw those Moroccan patterns – she must have a very steady hand!

Hand painted tea light holders

Let me know if you attempt something similar, I’d love to see how they turn out!

Thanks for reading!