Our Hong Kong-style Christmas

Several people from back home have asked me what Christmas was going to be like for us this year. So this is what we got up to…

We knew that Christmas would be very different to normal, since we usually spend it at either my parents’ or Tom’s parents’ house with family, lots of food (usually including the roast turkey dinner with all the trimmings) and lots of laughter. This year there would only be the two of us, and as we lack an oven (as most HK flats do) the roast turkey would be a bit difficult to achieve! (the laughter may or may not have happened, depending on how good Tom’s jokes were on the day)

So we decided to go out and treat ourselves to a slap-up western-style dinner. After looking around a bit, we chose the ‘brunch’ at the Parlour at Hullett House in Tsim Sha Tsui. (I say ‘brunch’ because it was really more like lunch as it was at 12pm)

Hullett House is a boutique hotel in a colonial building converted from the Marine Police Headquarters. The building itself is beautiful:

Hullett House, Hong Kong

However, the decorations in the shopping area directly outside were a little less tasteful…

Heritage 1881 Christmas decorations

Hullett House certainly put on a good spread. There was an enormous buffet selection of seafood, breads, cheeses, cold meats, soups etc for the starter (I didn’t take a photo of this – just too embarrassing!). We had a couple of smallish plates of food each, but decided not to go too far to leave room for the main course. We had a number of delicious-sounding options to choose from for our mains but we both went with the venison. When it came, it was beautifully cooked, but perhaps a little smaller than Tom was hoping for.

Main course at Hullett House

However, it wasn’t a total disaster as there was another buffet for dessert with a large range of small puddings to choose from. We both made good use of this :)

Dessert at Hullett House

So all in all, whilst it was quite pricey, I would definitely recommend the brunch at Hullett House – the service was excellent, the food was beautifully cooked and presented and the setting was lovely too. Oh, I may have forgotten to mention the free-flowing champagne too (our glasses were constantly topped up!)

After our lunch we were feeling pretty full so we had a nice walk along The Avenue of the Stars, which makes up the seafront on Tsim Sha Tsui. I really love this view of Hong Kong, it always reminds me what an awesome place this is.

View from The Avenue of the Stars, Tsim Sha Tsui

We walked along the length of the waterfront to Hung Hom and got a bus home. We spent the rest of the day opening presents and Skyping our families back home. We treated ourselves to bacon sandwiches for tea – the first time we’ve had bacon since we moved here, it’s just so expensive here!

It was a very different Christmas to usual, but good fun nonetheless. I hope you all had lovely Christmases too! Merry Christmas!

Christmas greetings from Hong Kong

Thanks for reading!