Building names that make me smile – part 3

I’ve written a couple of posts like this before in the past (you can find them here and here) but there are just so many great names in Hong Kong! I think sometimes they sound a little bit funny because they haven’t been translated well, or else they are something that sounds really great in Chinese but it doesn’t come across as well in English. So here is my final round up of Hong Kong building names that make me smile.

First of all, it’s good to know that your builders will never accidentally offend you…

Tactful Design and Build


Could there be any better place to work than this one?

Perfect Commercial Building


It’s not a great bar…

OK bar


Everyone is very pleasant and cheerful here.

Genial Manufacturing Limited


Whereas, they’re all after the money here…

Chasegold Tower


And finally, just… no… I have no idea.

Greatmany Centre


And also, here are a few other favourites that I haven’t managed to take pictures of:

Honest Building – no lies here

Great Smart Tower – full of clever clogs

Top Glory Tower – for the best of the best


Have you come across any great building names where you live? I’d love to hear more!

Thanks for reading!