Chinese characters made easy – part 2

Following on from my previous post about Chinese characters, I’d like to teach you all a few more. They aren’t as difficult as you think!

Let’s start with this one…

Chinese character door

門 = door/gate

This character reminds me of two swing doors, like in a Western movie! It definitely makes it easy to remember that it means door or gate.

Chinese character water

水 = water

The Chinese character for water looks a bit like a river flowing between two banks, don’t you think? (I will admit that the ‘font’ used in this one makes it look a bit tenuous…)

Chinese character East

東 = East

The character for East reminds me of one of those old projector screens that we used to use with an OHP (overhead projector). Or maybe an easel?

Chinese character vehicle

車 = vehicle, car

This character very much reminds me of what it represents. It looks like a cross-section of a car, with the vertical line representing the axle, the two wheels in cross-section at the top and bottom, and the motor in the middle.

Chinese character mouth

口 = mouth, opening

Definitely one of the simplest characters here, it even looks like an opening.

Chinese character day

日 = day, Sun

A mouth with a line through it is the Sun, and is also used to represent a day.

Chinese character mountain

山 = mountain, hill

This one looks like a mountain in overall shape, or three very skinny hills(?). Unsurprisingly, it’s used all over Hong Kong, as there are so many hills and mountains!

And finally, a pair of characters that you also see everywhere:

Chinese characters exit

出口 = exit

Quite why exit is symbolised by two mountains and an opening, I don’t know. But it is.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed learning some more Chinese characters! You never know when they will come in useful!

Thanks for reading!